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Idriss Laouali Abdou

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Early Days: In 2016, Idriss merged his passions for technology and education into his app, Karatou Post Bac, which gives the user essential information about 67 fields of study in higher education. “We describe the core competencies that you’ll need in a particular program, and link to the stories of different youths who studied in this program, explaining why they chose it and what they’re doing for work.” The app is used by more than 20,000 people in Africa, he says, and the YouTube channel he created in 2021 to help young people with their college search today boasts 30,000 subscribers and 80,000 views a month.

Post-Commencement Plans: Idriss is headed for a job at Amazon in Seattle as a senior product manager. He also will continue with Karatou Post Bac and his YouTube channel.

Observation: “I want to help youths who do not have anyone to inspire them. They think that if they don’t have access to something, then they don’t deserve it. I can tell them that of the many things I’ve done in my life, I was often the first one from my environment to do them. I don’t want others to have the same difficulties that I’ve had.”