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Glory Phipps

Major: Philosophy

Clark Days: Glory is a philosophy major who grew to love the lively classroom discussions — sometimes arguments — around deep and twisty topics that connected ancient theories with contemporary questions of ethics and morality. Outside the classroom, she served as vice president of Student Council, and her passion for social justice prompted her to raise campus awareness about issues of concern among communities of color. She notes that the Class of ’23 persevered through COVID, beginning in their first year. “Despite the hardships we faced from COVID, we had the strength to fight for what we believe in, and we always had our community.”

Post-Commencement Plans: After taking a gap year to earn some money and solidify her plans, Glory intends to enroll in law school, preferably New York University, which offers a dual-degree program that will allow her to earn a law degree and a master’s in philosophy. She is leaning toward a career in civil rights law.

Observation: “I can’t know everything about the future, so I intend to embrace it with a warm hug,” she says. “I don’t have to have it all planned out yet — there’s a path for everyone, and we’ll navigate it no matter where it takes us.”