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Bryann Keevil

Major: Community, youth, and education studies, minor in studio art

Clark Days: For Brynn, college has been an exercise in learning the value of relationships and feeling connected to one’s work and the world. Brynn saw these themes in CYES courses and in their studio art minor. They took a semester off during their sophomore year to reevaluate their goals; mentorship from education Professor Jie Park helped Brynn envision how a CYES degree would translate into a fulfilling career. Brynn also spent many hours in the craft studio, where they began to make a series of ceramic gargoyle heads.

Post-Commencement Plans: Brynn is participating in a work exchange. They will work at a pollinator plant nursery in Western Massachusetts this summer in exchange for housing, and plan to continue creating pottery. They hope to find a ceramics apprenticeship after the summer.

Observation: “Going from college to an unconventional way of living and working helps ground me in what I really want from my life. Jumping into a new experience without knowing how it will work out is something that I will continue to do.”