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Clarkies come together to help their classmates have a memorable Reunion Weekend. Every year, alumni join Reunion Committees to play an essential role in infusing the spirit of their class into Reunion events. As Reunion draws near, committee members plan events, promote attendance, and build excitement among their peers.

Reunion Committee members:

  • Partner with Clark staff to plan class-specific events.
  • Recruit classmates to serve as committee members, event hosts, and panelists.
  • Promote Reunion to fellow Clarkies through personal outreach.
  • Encourage classmates to come back and to give back during Reunion.
Michael Mooney

As an active Clark alumnus, I find it most rewarding to help coordinate my class reunions. Planning reunion activities and reconnecting with classmates is a lot of fun, as I love reaching out to old friends and other classmates I didn’t know back in the 1990s.

Michael Mooney ’93, MBA ’94

Juliette Coatswort

Being on my Reunion Committee was a great way to combine nostalgia and excitement for the future. Being a volunteer gave me a well-needed push to reconnect with Clarkies I hadn’t seen in years. With each conversation and meeting, I was reminded of people and places that meant so much to me, and I was happy to ‘give back,’ in a way.

Juliette Coatsworth ’13

Robert Ech

The more I got involved in the Reunion Committee, the more I got out of it.

Robert Echter ’69

Emily Zoback Silverman

Being on the reunion committees for my five- and ten-year reunions gave me the opportunity to collaborate with my classmates to create programming that would appeal to a broad audience. As a bonus, I got to reconnect with other members on the committees and have some really fun phone calls throughout the planning process!

Emily Zoback Silverman ’08, MPA ’09

Michael Mooney
Juliette Coatswort
Robert Ech
Emily Zoback Silverman

Interested in serving on your next Reunion Committee?

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