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Winter 2024

The Mushroom Moment

In a burst of popularity, the once-humble fungus has captured the kitchen and conquered our culture.

Clark mycologist David Hibbett believes he knows why.


Clark magaizne winter 2023 cover

Winter 2023

Fueled by the liberal arts, the Becker School of Design & Technology is reimagining our digital path.

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Cover-Clark Magazine-Inauguration Issue-Summer 2022

Special Inauguration Issue | Summer 2022

David B. Fithian ’87 was formally inaugurated as the tenth president of Clark University on April 20, 2022 — the culmination of several days of celebratory activities.

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Clark Magazine cover, winter-spring 2022

Winter/Spring 2022

The Mosakowski Institute merges psychology with technology to confront the mental health crisis devastating America’s youth.

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Spring 2021 Magazine cov

Spring 2021

As he manages through the pandemic, President David Fithian ’87 is preparing to unmask a bold new future for Clark.

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Spring Summer magazine cover

Spring/Summer 2020

Our alumni share their stories of living in the age of COVID-19, and we look back at David Angel’s legacy of leadership.

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Fall 2019 magazine cover

Fall 2019

Tracking elephants with satellite technology and takes from Clarkies in uncommon professions

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Winter 2019 magazine cover

Winter 2019

Talent agent Larry Webman ’92 represents Coldplay, the Barenaked Ladies, and more bands you haven’t heard of – yet

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Summer 2018 magazine cover

Summer 2018

Students and alumni in Puerto Rico deal with the fallout from Hurricane Maria; the iconic pea pod sprouts again

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Winter 2018 magazine cover

Winter 2018

Celebrating the lasting impact of Clark’s first women undergraduates

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Summer 2017 magazine cover

Summer 2017

What the pursuit of a perfect lawn says about us; Ben Daitz ’94 builds a sandwich empire

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Fall 2016 magazine cover

Fall 2016

Clark professors offer context and perspective for big issues facing our nation

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Spring 2016 mgazine cover

Spring 2016

Brad McNamara ’13, uproots the traditional food system

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Fall 2015 magazine cover

Fall 2015

Fighting for breath: Dr. Richard Pietras ’69 pioneered a groundbreaking treatment for breast cancer. Now he’s set his sights on the growing epidemic of lung cancer in women.

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Spring 2015 magazine cover

Spring 2015

Stalking malaria: Janice Culpepper ’77 teams with Bill Gates to stop a global killer.

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Fall 2014 magazine cover

Fall 2014

The future has arrived: From apps to robotics, Clarkies are reshaping the way we encounter our world.

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Spring 2014 magazine cover

Spring 2014

An ounce of prevention: A bold new partnership with Worcester puts Clark University on the cutting edge of public health.

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Fall 2013 magazine cover

Fall 2013

His chosen field: How Jeff Lurie ’73 went from sitting in the cheap seats to owning the Philadelphia Eagles.

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Spring 2013 magazine cover

Spring 2013

Fire and Ice: From the Arctic Circle to the Yucatan Peninsula, from the frigid seas of Siberia to the scorched forests of Colorado and in their labs and classrooms, Clark researchers are meeting the challenge of global climate change with a perfect storm of scientific rigor, moral conviction, and urgency.

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Fall 2012 magazine cover

Fall 2012

Padma Power: Entrepreneur, philanthropist, and host of “top Chief” Padma Lakshmi ’92 has found the recipe for a sweet and savory life.

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October 2011 magazine cover

Fall 2011

From Clark to the moon: Edwin Aldrin ’15 helped a nation look skyward alongside Goddard, Lindbergh, and a son named Buzz.

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Spring 2012 magazine cover

Spring 2012

20 under 30: Twenty young alumni, and the accomplishments that are putting them on the map.

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Spring 2011 magazine cover

Spring 2011

Medic of the Mind: From Iraq to Afghanistan to U.S. veterans’ clinics, psychologist Major Clifford Trott ’87 heals the hidden wounds of war.

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Fall 2010 magazine cover

Fall 2010

A Radical Life: D’Army Bailey ’65 was booted from one university for leading civil rights protests. Then Clark came calling.

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