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Volunteer Councils Return to Campus



Group photo of GOLD council members

Last month, the Alumni and Friends Engagement team welcomed alumni volunteers from both the GOLD and Alumni Councils back to Clark’s campus. 

I’d been involved in alumni engagement efforts since I was a first-year student through the Student Alumni Relations Committee (SARC) and I joined the GOLD Council as a fifth-year MBA student, so this is the first year I am participating fully as an alumna. I decided to attend in-person, working remotely from my favorite view in the Goddard library before Council meetings began that afternoon. 

Even though I’d last seen Clark not even a year ago, I was surprised to see so much had changed. Construction surrounded Goddard, renovations on the Michelson Theatre were complete, and a frame was up for the new Center for Media Arts, Computing, and Design (MACD), a stark difference from the campus I left in May. This feeling continued as Council meetings progressed, through discussions of Clark’s plans to grow with its students and its community.

The weekend continued with a group dinner, more meetings, an alumni volunteer event, and opportunities to interact with current students. I really enjoyed getting to know and catching up with peers that had simply been boxes on a Zoom screen for the past year and a half and revisiting a place that had taught me so much. 

I couldn’t leave Clark without a last meal at DaLat, where my friends and I were once regulars – celebrating birthdays, pushing off that week’s grocery shopping, or just because we felt like it. The visit reminded me of what I loved so much about Clark – not late nights in the Bistro or movie nights in the dorms – but the people I made those memories with. My greatest hope is that as Clark changes and grows, it continues to be a space where Clarkies find that same sense of happiness and belonging. 

Check out photos from the weekend here