Residential Life and Housing

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Summer Assignment Process

Each year a number of students choose to be assigned to a room - with or without a specific roommate - by the RLH staff over the summer rather than at Lottery, and will be assigned as part of the Summer Assignment process (sometimes referred to as the Automatic Assignment process). There are a number of reasons why students are assigned through the Summer Assignment process:

  • Students who do not have a strong preference for where they live can benefit from the Summer Assignment process because voluntarily signing up for the list awards you 2 bonus points for the 2015-16 (next year's) Housing Lottery
  • Junior and Senior students who would prefer to live in Traditional Lifestyle Housing need to apply for the Summer Assignment list. (Junior and Senior students who are living with a Sophomore can select a Traditional Lifestyle Room using the Sophomore number).
  • All students who are looking for a double room but do not have a roommate in mind are assigned via Summer Assignment.
  • Students who are unable to attend Lottery and who do not wish to assign a proxy may choose to be assigned via Automatic Assignment.
  • Students who are unable to find a preferable room at Housing Lottery (either because none were available or the ones that were available did not meet their need) may choose to be assigned via Summer Assignment.

These students are guaranteed a space on campus, and every effort is made to assign them with the roommate of their choice when possible.  The Automatic Assignment process is an essential part of our housing process and is needed to ensure that we can make the best possible housing placements for First Year and returning students during the summer when students withdraw from housing and/or Clark, or decide to study abroad, etc. This year RLH has a number of rooms withheld for first year and transfer students which we expect will be transitioned into returning assignments for the Automatic Assignment process as the summer progresses. This allows us to assign more students to their preferred hall and room type than we could by offering all of our rooms at Lottery.