Residential Life and Housing

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Flex-Fill Housing

Flex-Fill housing allows students who wish to experience Suite Lifestyle or Apartment Lifestyle Housing without needing to have a full suite of students. Students interested in pursuing a Flex-Fill Housing assignment must be aware of and agree to the following parameters:

  • Flex-Fill housing assignments are filled first come, first filled. Flex-Fill housing is only available during Housing Lottery - it does not apply to Same Room Sign-Up.
  • Individual rooms within a suite/apartment must still be filled complely (ie. a single student can not select a double room).
  • Only one room may be selected per lottery number. For example, four students can not select multiple parts of a Flex-Fill room u the best number in the group the way they could a four person suite.
  • Students interested in a Flex-Fill housing assignment must be comfortable living is mixed gender suites/apartments as suites are filled as requested by any student.
  • Students who sign up for Flex-Fill housing must agree to have their name shared with potential Flex-Fill suitemates.

If you have decided that Flex-Fill housing fits your needs, you will want to pay close attention to the following availability criteria for Flex-Fill housing. The following housing groupings are designated as Flex-Fill housing eligible:

Apartment Lifestyle Housing Group:

  1. 6 person apartments in Blackstone Hall
  2. Apartments in 114 Woodland Street
  3. Apartments in 157 Woodland Street
  4. 6 or 8 person Apartments in Dodd Hall (Female only)*
    *Locations will be announced after Same Room Sign-up is complete.

Suite Lifestyle Housing Group:

  1. 6 person suites in Maywood Street Hall
  2. 6 or 8 person suites in Dana or Hughes Halls

Only one Flex-Fill apartment may be open at any time within the above groupings. For example, if an apartment in 2 Downing Street is selected to be Flex-Fill Housing, the remaining rooms in that apartment must be filled before an apartment in 114 Woodland is made available for Flex-Fill housing. Similarly, only one suite in Dana or Hughes may be open at any time; only one suite in Maywod Street Hall may be open at any time; and only one apartment in Blackstone Hall may be open at any time. As Lottery progresses, active Flex-Fill housing assignments will be displayed online as part of the Rooms Available for Lottery page.