George Perkins Marsh Institute

Research Appointments

Name Position Phone
David Angel Research Professor
President of the University
Yuko Aoyama Research Professor 508.793.7403
Dana Marie Bauer Assistant Director and Research Scientist 508.751.4617
Anthony Bebbington Research Professor 508.793.7370
Halina S. Brown Research Professor 508.751.4611
Mark Davidson Research Assistant Professor 508.793.7291
Verna DeLauer Research Scientist 508.751.4601
Peter W. Dillingham Research Scientist 508.751.4622
Timothy Downs Research Associate Professor 508.421.3814
J. Ronald Eastman Research Professor 508.793.7526
Jacque Emel Research Professor 508.793.7317
William Fisher Research Professor 508.421.3765
Ellen Foley Research Associate Professor 508.421.3815
Karen Frey Research Associate Professor 508.793.7336
Jacqueline Geoghegan Research Professor 508.793.7709
Robert Goble Research Professor 508.751.4612
Wayne Gray Research Professor 508.793.7693
Viola Haarmann Research Scholar 508.751.4622
Dale Hattis Research Professor 508.751.4603
Douglas Johnson Research Professor 508.751.4631
Robert Johnston Director and Research Professor 508.751.4619
Roger E. Kasperson Senior Research Scientist (Distinguished) 508.751.4607
Robert W. Kates Senior Research Scientist (Distinguished) 508.751.4622
Dominik Kulakowski Research Associate Professor 508.793.7336
Elaine Lin Research Scientist 508.751.4605
William Lynn Research Scientist 598.395.7764
Deborah Martin Research Professor 508.793.7104
Stephen McCauley Research Scientist 508.335.8386
Christina McGraw Research Associate 508.421.3897
Brian Meacham Research Scientist 508.751.4622
James T. Murphy Research Associate Professor 508.793.7687
Yelena Ogneva-Himmelberger Research Associate Professor 508.421.3805
Jeffrey Osleeb Senior Research Scientist 508.751.4622
R. Gilmore Pontius Jr. Research Professor 508.793.7761
Samuel J. Ratick Research Professor 508.751.4605
Dianne Rocheleau Research Professor 508.751.4609
John Rogan Research Associate Professor 508.793.7562
Laurie Ross Research Associate Professor 508.793.7642
Chi Ho Sham Senior Research Scientist 508.751.4622
Octavia Taylor Research Fellow 508.751.4615
Gordon Thompson Senior Research Scientist 508.751.4622
Philip Vergragt Senior Research Scientist 508.751.4611
Jon Way Research Scientist 508.751.4622
Thomas Webler Research Scientist 508.751.4622
Christopher Williams Research Associate Professor 508.793.7336
Deborah Woodcock Research Scientist 508.793.7640
Liuyang Yao Visiting Scholar 508.751.4641
Jing Zhang Research Associate Professor 508.793.7102