IDCE Students Profiles

Huynh Tan Anh (IDSC '2012)

Huynh Tan Anh (Vietnam) received a Bachelor degree of Agriculture and Forestry Economics from Tay Nguyen University in 2000. After graduation, he spent 4 years working for Agriculture State-Enterprise as a planning officer, and then decided to improve further in agriculture economic field by conducting the Master of Science in Agriculture Economics in 2006 in Hanoi University, Hanoi capital, Vietnam. In the year getting the Economics Master degree, he was promoted to work for Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Daknong state located in the Central Highland of Vietnam. In the institution, he worked as a planning officer and then coordinator of Agriculture and Rural Development Sector Program Support Unit. The program was funded by Danish International Development Agency (Danida) with the purpose to sustainably improve the living standard of the poor via sub-components including agriculture producing, processing, storing and marketing. In 2010, he got a scholarship to study Master degree in the United States of American at Clark University in International Development and Social Change and graduated in May, 2012. Getting back to Vietnam, he am employed by World Vision International as an Area Development Program Manager.