IDCE Students

Student Forms and Documents

Below please find important forms.

Internship Forms

IDCE students who want to register for GSOM courses need to complete the following:

  • Fill out the Course Selection Worksheet.
  • Obtain permission from the Coordinator of Students and Academic Affairs Cindy Gabriel who will sign off on the Course Selection Worksheet.
  • Take the Course Selection Worksheet to Laura Burgess in GSOM (Carlson Hall) for final approval to take the course.
  • Mary Gamache, Registrar, will then officially register the student for the course.

Final MA Paper and Thesis Formatting

Style Guides

    Use for formatting content, abbreviations, figures and table captions placement, footnotes, citations, etc

GISDE Formatting

Other Style Guides

Steps to Completing your MA Format Check

1. Format your document per the links above

2. Complete the Thesis Checklist:

3. Complete the Application for Degree Form and submit online by March 14, 2014. You will receive information on how to complete this form in mid-February from the Graduate School.

All students (Masters and Ph.D.) are required to pay a $100 Graduation Fee.

The fee is billed (in the semester of anticipated completion) to the students' account once the Application for Degree online form has been completed.

    4. Print out your Manuscript on a minimum of 20lb paper

    If you choose not to print the paper yourself, you can email it to Alphagraphics and they can copy and make a CD of your paper. Alphagraphics is located in the Basement of Higgins University Center (793-8853) Allow yourself 2-3 days to get the printed document back.

    5. Save your paper on CD

    6. Obtain all signatures from your readers

7. Submit the printed MA Thesis/Research Project along with the CD containing your paper to the IDCE Student and Academic Affairs Office by March 21, 2014.

If you would like your own bound copy of your MA Paper/Thesis/Project, make a check out to Clark University in the amount of $14.60 and submit an additional copy with your paper on March 22nd!

If you have any questions, please contact Erika Paradis ( or call 508-421-3846

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Documents

IDCE now has an internal Human Subjects Review board to review all applications prior to their final submission to the Clark IRB Board.

Below please find the documents you may use for your applications. These have been approved by the Clark IRB.

Note: You may use the IDCE-Approved forms, or the Clark Forms for your research.

National Institutes for Health (NIH) Certification

Tutorial and certification program for research involving human subjects

IDCE Approved Forms

Application for Projects with Human Participants (the main IRB application)

Consent Forms - Choose the one(s) appropriate for your instruments

Interview consent form template

Focus group consent form template

Survey consent form template

Clark Human Subjects/Internal Review Board (IRB)

Clark University has an Institutional Review Board (IRB) which is responsible for ensuring research conducted by faculty, staff, and students, protects the rights and welfare of human subjects.The point of contact for IRB matters is Gabe Johnson, Coordinator of Sponsored Programs and Research, at x7765.

About the Clark Human Subjects/Internal Review Board (Powerpoint Presentation)

Information about Clark's Human Subjects/Internal Review Board (IRB)

Application for Anonymous Survey

Exemptions from Review of Human Subjects Research

Sample Request for Exemption Application

Sample Recruiting Text

Sample Consent Form

Examples of Human Subjects Protocols to Clark IRB

Additional Information:

    United States Department of Health and Human Services

    National Institutes of Health - Office of Human Subjects Research

    National Institutes of Health - IRB Protocol

    National Science Foundation: Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects

    Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research

    The Nuremberg Code

The Chair of the IRB is Dr. James P. Elliott at 508-793-7152.

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Amar Azucena Cid (CDP '08)

As a CDP student, Amar Azucena Cid (CDP ‘08) challenged herself to take a wide range of courses, work part-time, and participate in many extra curricular activities.

The courses I took helped to strengthen my ability to look at how community planning needs a holistic approach, bringing housing, transportation, nutrition, and diverse populations to the table.

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