IDCE Students

IDCE Students

Building a Community of Scholar-Activists

IDCE has approximately 160 graduate students from more than 30 different countries. Forty percent of our graduate students are international, creating a rich diversity of perspectives and backgrounds in our classrooms. IDCE has welcomed students from many countries including Ghana, Egypt, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sudan, China, Nepal, Malawi, Ethiopia, Thailand, Kenya, Liberia, Tanzania, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ukraine, Ecuador, Turkey, Eritrea, the Netherlands, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Russia, Albania, Rwanda, Peru, South Korea, Angola, Bangladesh, Canada, and Cambodia. 

Most IDCE students have several years of professional experience and have decided to return to graduate school to learn new, alternative skills and for the opportunity to think critically about their experiences. The diversity of our student body brings to each program a wide range of backgrounds, perspectives, talents, and interests. IDCE seeks students who demonstrate a combined passion for and commitment to understanding the complex fields of development and the environment.

IDCE Fellows

IDCE Fellows are an important circle of scholars within the IDCE community. Fellows are outstanding in their search for thoughtful, realistic, and innovative approaches to international development, advancing social change, building community, and promoting environmental sustainability.

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Mageuzi is a publication for the Clark University community produced by IDCE students to create space for a conversation about change. We hear the word ‘change’ so often that we wanted to say it a different way. The word Mageuzi is Swahili for ‘change’ or ‘reform’ and also sounds like ‘magazine’-which is what this publication aspires to be. Download PDF's of the magazine below:

Mageuzi Issue 1
Mageuzi Issue 2

Mageuzi Issue 3


[ Spotlight Profile ]

Quinton Sankofa
(CDP ‘09)

Quinton Sankofa (CDP '09) believes that IDCE's integration of national and international development perspectives makes him a well-rounded planner, able to effect social change in any region of the world.

"I see the task of changing the world as a complex, global challenge. The most pressing issues are often multifaceted and not easy to solve," he says. Having the ability to weave both domestic and international perspectives on community development and planning makes Quinton stand out among most city planners.

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