IDCE Students

IDCE Academic Affairs Policies

Dear IDCE Students:

Given that this is a time in which you have a number of project and paper deadlines, it is important that you are aware and understand the following two academic policies.  These policies are not included in your IDCE handbook, but are posted to our website and available in hard copy from the Student and Academic Affairs Office (room 24, IDCE House).   Definitions of academic dishonesty are included in the Graduate Student Handbook

If you have any questions regarding these policies, or others of IDCE and Clark, please ask your faculty advisor, or the Student and Academic Affairs Office for clarity.  

IDCE Academic Plagiarism Policy

1.  First offence - the student gets no credit for the specific assignment and is called in for "warning/reprimand" meeting with the Program Coordinator and the Associate Director.  The student is presented the evidence of academic dishonesty and is read the policy.  An internal note is placed in their file with the Student and Academic Affairs Office.

2.  Second offence (at any point during their time at Clark) - immediate failure in that particular course. The student is required to meet with the Director, Associate Director, and Program Coordinator and is then reported to the Graduate Dean for further sanctions.

3. Third offence - dismissal from the program and the student cannot receive a degree from Clark in future.

IDCE Academic Probation Policy

The first semester a student falls below a 3.0 minimum GPA, the student will receive a letter from the Associate Director stating they are on academic probation. If the GPA is less than 2.7, the Associate Director will meet with the student, hand-delivering the letter.  The Associate Director will also give the student the minimum grades they need to achieve the 3.0 that returns their status to good academic standing. 

If it is impossible for them to return to good academic standing, they are academically dismissed. In rare cases, exceptions are given if there are other issues at play in a student’s situation (medical or mental health issues for example-in these cases the Associate Director consults with the Dean of Students).

The Registrar’s Office will provide a list of IDCE students who hold two or more incompletes and those that earn a B- or below in any course at the request of the department.  This will aid in identifying students in academic trouble prior to academic probation status.

All communication to student regarding Academic Probation will be copied to the Dean of Graduate Studies to be placed in their official Clark file.

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