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IDSC Final M.A. Project Topics (2005)

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Kamala Gurung (IDSC/M.A. '05) received an IDCE Travel Grant to Nepal pursue her research on "Gender Relations and Socio-economics of the Indigenous People in Sustainable Management of Livestock and Pasturelands in the Upper Mustang Region of Nepal." Her research is part of a larger research project examining "Livestock Technology Change, Livelihoods Impacts and Policy Lessons (LTIP)" with support from DFID Livestock Production Program (LPP) in London and FAO Rome. Gurung worked in the field with a research team including Dr. Pradeep Man Tulachan (ICIMOD), Dr. Simon Anderson, (Imperial College London), Mr. Ram Ghimire (Nepal Agriculture Research Council), and Mr. Pradeep Rokaya (Himalayan Agriculture College) on this project. Gurung hopes that her research findings will have considerable implications in addressing the critical issues of policy making for ethnic minorities and disadvantaged groups in the high mountains of Nepal, who are presently deprived of the benefits from the growth and development of mainstream economy.

Shukri Omar Abdillahi (IDSC/M.A. '05): Linking Community Development, Participation, and Peace Building in Post Conflict Situations: A Case Study of Dararweyne Village in Somaliland

Lina Abdul Hameed Al-Eryani (IDSC/M.A. '05): The State and Women's Employment in the Formal Economy: An Ally of Enemy? A Case Study of South Yemen

Brian Thomas Atkinson (IDSC/M.A. '05): Fumigation in the Putumayo: Sowing Seeds of Human Crises and Conflict

Thin Thiri Aung (IDSC/M.A. '05): Growing a Measure of Independence: Refugees, Food Security & Gardening

William Bradley (IDSC/M.A. '05): Farm Aid meets Fair Trade

Stephen J. Browne, Jr. (IDSC/M.A. '05): Corn to Cola: Dietary Transitions in a Rural Mexican Community and the Implication for Nutritional Programs

Maxwell L. K. Chance (IDSC/M.A. '05): Challenges to the Formation of Water User Associations in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Alex Ernesto Chen Chiquin (IDSC/M.A. '05): Study of the Problem of Municipal Solid Waste in Coban Alta Verapaz, Guatemala C.A.: Suggestions and Alternatives in the Context of Integrated Solid Waste Management

Carrie Conway (IDSC/M.A. '05): Understanding Refugee Livelihoods through Analysis of a Case Study in Gambia

Dimsoy S. Cruickshank (IDSC/M.A. '05): One Love, One People: The Road to CARICOM Integration

Zenia E. Dacio-Mesina (IDSC/M.A. '05): Cooperation not Domination: Alternative Approaches for Resolving Mining Disputes in the Philippines

David Matthew Dauer (IDSC/M.A. '05): Enhancing Development: A Peace Project

Ayako Eda (IDSC/M.A. '05): Sustainable Peace Through A Conflict Resolution Curriculum Program in Northern Iraq: The Importance of Gender Equality and Transformation of Relationships of the ACCCR Members

Zachery Lee Feris (IDSC/M.A. '05): Assessing the Use of Development as a Connector for Sustainable Peace in Post-Conflict Ecuador

Jessica L. Grillo (IDSC/M.A. '05): Corn to Cola: Dietary Transitions in a Rural Mexican Community and the Implication for Nutritional Programs

Kamala Gurung (IDSC/M.A. '05): Gender Dynamics in Sustainable Livestock and Pastureland Management: A Case of Indigenous People from Upper Mustang, Mustang District, Nepal

Yeerzhati Karibai (IDSC/M.A. '05): Policy responses to Agricultural Trade Liberalization: The Case of China's Bortala Prefecture

Katarzyna A. Kedzia (IDSC/M.A. '05): Underestimating the Political Consciousness of Post-Cold War Polish Women: Polish Feminists and Przecietne Women

Sara Lynn Krosch (IDSC/M.A. '05): "A New Race of Women": The Challenges of Reintegrating Eritrea's Demobilized Female Combatants

Robyn Blue Long (IDSC/M.A. '05): Walling in Palestine: The Discourse of Development and Occupation

Kiran H. Mian (IDSC/M.A. '05): Education in Pakistan: The Stakeholders Perspective

Laura Elizabeth Miller (IDSC/M.A. '05): Botswana's War with HIV/AIDS: Striving for an AIDs-free Generation

Tamirat M. Demessie (IDSC/M.A. '05): Niche Coffee Market and Sustainability: Examining the Links in Ethiopia

Aparna Nepal (IDSC/M.A. '05): Aging without Safety Nets in Nepal: Who is Responsible for Senior Citizens in a Changing Society?

Huanxia Ning (IDSC/M.A. '05): Culture, Reproductive Health and Self-empowerment of Women in Poor Mountain Villages of Shaanxi Province, China

Nathan Cort Oetting (IDSC/M.A. '05): Woodfuel in Rural West Africa: Politics, Rhetoric and Reality

Mary Ofori (IDSC/M.A. '05): Poverty, Youth, and HIV/AIDS: A Case Study in the Manya District of Eastern Ghana

Maria Amalia Pesantes (IDSC/M.A. '05): Cultural Differences, Community Participation and Health Programs: The Challenges of Promoting Community Participation in Rural Peru

Sarina Piya (IDSC/M.A. '05): Decentralized Governance: Is the Center Ready to Redistribute Power?

Basanta K. Pokharel (IDSC/M.A. '05): How NGOs Can Influence Violent Conflict? A Case of Maoist Rebellion in Nepal

Pranita Pradhan (IDSC/M.A. '05): Agricultual Surplus and Food Insecurity in the Tarai Region of Nepal

Katherine A. Scott (IDSC/M.A. '05): Revisiting Integrated Watershed Management in the Blackstone Valley

Jennifer Lee Smith (IDSC/M.A. '05): Latino Experience in Small Learning Communities in Worcester, Massachusetts

Andre Guy Soh (IDSC/M.A. '05): Police Reforms in Peacekeeping operations and Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Sub-Saharan Africa: Case Studies of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Somalia

Samuel M. Stratton (IDSC/M.A. '05): Reviewing the Success of Federal Brownfields Redevelopment-related Programs: The Story of Portland, Oregon

Sulley Sumani (IDSC/M.A. '05): Exploring the Differential Impacts of Trade Liberalization on Livelihoods of Women in the Shea Industry in Northern Ghana

Rie Taniguchi (IDSC/M.A. '05): Can Small Business be a Good Development Strategy for the Marginalized Poor?: A Case Study of a Women's NGO in the Bolivian Neoliberal Context

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Lawrence Were
(IDSC '10)

Lawrence Were characterizes IDCE as a place that encourages students to think critically. He says: "In our Development Theory class, we criticized mainstream development, which was fun, but also somewhat frustrating. The most frustrating thing was that I was interested in solutions to the world's problems—solutions that drive social change."

However, after a while it became clear to Lawrence that the world is too multi-dimensional to expect easy answers to the problems we face. So, driven by his desire to explore different perspectives and skill sets that could bring new light to social issues, he pursued a directed study on social entrepreneurship within Clark's Graduate School of Management.

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