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Inclusive Academic Excellence: Academic Advising & Support

Set your goals and stay on track.

From the time you start at Clark until you graduate, our advising and support teams are here to help you every step of the way. You will work closely with your undergraduate advisers to set your goals, chart your path, stay on track, and achieve success — the way you define it.

Throughout your undergraduate years at Clark, you will encounter several advisors: 

  • First-Year success advisor: Before your first semester, you will meet with your first-year student success advisor to register for classes and discuss your goals. Think of this advisor as a “life coach” who helps you become acclimated to academics and life at Clark. 
  • First-Year Intensive (FYI) advisor: All first-year students, including many transfer students, take a First-Year Intensive (FYI) class. Your FYI professor serves as your academic advisor until you declare a major. 
  • Faculty advisor: Once you declare a major — usually, by the end of your sophomore year — you will ask a faculty member to serve as your advisor. Your faculty advisor will take over from your FYI advisor, helping you register for classes and ensure that you stay on course to graduate. 
  • Preprofessional advisor: If you are interested in law, medical, health science, veterinary, or engineering school, you can connect with Clark’s preprofessional advising programs
  • Academic Advising Center staff: If you need additional advising support or you’re making significant changes to your academic plan — like changing your major — visit the Academic Advising Center. 

Beyond academic advising, you may find you need general support with study, writing, organizational, or life skills. Feel free to tap into any of the academic resources at Clark — we’re here for you! 

We are here for you.

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