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Fill out this form to request permission to register for 5.0 units during the fall or spring semester.  Permission to enroll in 5.0 units is only given to juniors and seniors.  Sophomores who meet the GPA requirements may be considered for special approval.  Turn the completed form in to the Academic Advising Center. Request forms are processed once final grades for the current semester are in.

Download Fifth Course Request Form 

Download Fifth Course Request Fillable Form

Use this form to declare a major, minor, or concentration. To declare you must have the signature of the appropriate department chairperson.  Students must declare a major by the end of their sophomore year.  Submit your declaration form to the Registrar’s Office.

Download form on Registrar’s Office website

Use this form to withdraw from a single course. As a result of a withdrawal, a grade of “W” will appear on your academic record. The deadline to withdraw from a course is the last day of the semester. No instructor’s signature is required, but it is recommended that you consult with an adviser before withdrawing. Submit your form to the Registrar’s Office.

Download form on Registrar’s Office website

Use this form to add and drop courses, switch a grade option to pass/fail or to audit a course. No signature is required to change a grade option. Students must petition the College Board to change a grade option after the first three weeks of a semester. Late fee of $100 is applied for late adds. Late drops will be treated as withdrawals. Submit your form to the Registrar Office.

Download form on Registrar’s Office website

Fill out this form to change your primary faculty adviser. Students will need to have the new adviser sign off on the change. This form should be returned to the Academic Advising Center in ASEC 214 or via email to

Download Adviser Change Fillable Form

Use this form to petition for any action outside of the parameters of our academic forms and petitions or policies.  Return the completed petition to the Academic Advising Center after gathering all required signatures.  For help with filling out or submitting your College Board petition, visit the Academic Advising Center for assistance.

Download College Board Petition for Special Action

Download College Board Petition for Special Action Fillable Form

This form should be used before registering for courses at another college or university to ensure the acceptability of course and credits at Clark University. Department Chair approval is required for courses that will fulfill a major requirement. Turn in your completed request form with course descriptions to the Academic Advising Center (if it is an online course then syllabus is required).

Download Transfer Credit Approval Fillable Form

In cases where students are not able to finish their course work by the end of the semester because of extenuating circumstances, petitions for a grade of incomplete (IN) can be submitted to the College Board.  Students and instructors should complete this form together.  Students may talk to someone in the Academic Advising Center for assistance with figuring out if an incomplete is appropriate.  Completed forms can be turned in to the Academic Advising Center.

Download Petition for Incomplete Fillable Form

Fill out this form to register for a course with the HECCMA Consortium. All full-time students, except first year students and first semester transfer students, may enroll in one course per semester (fall or spring) at any of the following schools:

  • Anna Maria College
  • Assumption College
  • Becker College
  • College of the Holy Cross
  • Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
  • Nichols College
  • Quinsigamond Community College
  • Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine
  • University of Massachusetts Worcester
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Worcester State College

You must get the signature of the comparable department chairperson here at Clark to ensure that this course is not a duplication of a course available at Clark and is acceptable for credit. Staff in the Academic Advising Center give approval of courses for which there is no related department at Clark.

For more information about the Consortium and to explore available courses, please visit the HECCMA website.

How to Register for Consortium Courses

  1. Register for a full time course load at Clark (3.0 units).
  2. Download and complete the Consortium cross registration form below.
  3. Obtain an approval signature from the appropriate Clark department chair.
  4. Submit the completed form to Clark’s Registrar’s Office to be signed off.
  5. Submit the form to the Consortium school’s appropriate office for registration. Please note Consortium students register after resident students. Be prepared with alternative courses.

Download Cross Registration HECCMA Fillable Form

Clark University awards advanced standing credit for certain academic work completed prior to enrollment at Clark. This includes Advanced Placement examination (AP) scores of 4 or 5, successful ‘A’ Level examinations, the International Baccalaureate, and course credits earned at other universities. Other international programs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The Academic Advising Center determines what, if any, advanced standing credit will be awarded to incoming first-year students. Generally, a maximum of 8.0 units (two semesters) are awarded for advanced standing credit.

Submit Advanced Credit Standings

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