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Advanced Standing Credit Form

Clark University awards advanced standing credit for certain academic work completed prior to enrollment at Clark. This includes Advanced Placement examination scores of 4 or 5, successful ‘A’ Level examinations, the International Baccalaureate, and course credits earned at other universities. Other international programs are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The Academic Advising Office determines what, if any, advanced standing credit will be awarded to incoming first-year students. Generally a maximum of 4.0 units (one semester) is awarded for advanced standing credit.

If you expect to complete an advanced standing program before your arrival at Clark and wish to have the credits applied toward your Clark degree, please complete and return this form to the Academic Advising Office. Remember that you must provide Clark with official documentation of your academic work, and you may also be asked to provide a description of your studies as part of the evaluation process.

If you have any questions regarding advanced standing credit, you may contact the Academic Advising Office.

  • Student Information


    Indicate below what form of advanced credit you anticipate receiving prior to your enrollment.
  • Up to four A.P. examinations with individual scores of 4 or 5 may be applied toward advanced standing. Each examination receives one Clark unit. List below which tests you expect to submit for credit, and be sure to forward official scores to the University.
  • Each course with a grade of ‘C’ or better will receive one Clark unit (up to a maximum of four). List below which subjects you expect to submit for credit, and be sure to forward official results to the University.
  • Full I.B. Diplomas are given one full semester (4 Clark units) of advanced standing credit. The full diploma with a point total of 36 or above will be given one full year of credit provided all exam scores are ‘5’ or above. Individual I.B. courses (at the higher level) with scores of 5 or better are awarded one Clark unit each. List below which subjects you expect to submit for credit, and be sure to forward official results to the University
  • Classes completed at other universities with a grade of C or better may receive advanced standing credit up to four Clark units, provided the content is appropriate for Clark’s liberal arts curriculum. List below both the college(s) and the course(s) you expect to submit for credit, and be sure to arrange for the official transcript(s) to be sent to the University.
  • Other international programs may qualify for advanced standing credit from Clark. Programs such as the German Abitur, the French Baccalaureate, the Swiss Matura, and the Quebec CEGEP diploma are eligible for advanced standing credit. Others are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Since overseas educational systems, requirements and credits differ from those in the United States, we require you to submit a transcript and program description to an independent credit evaluation service if you are requesting advanced standing credit for any course of study not mentioned above. All costs associated with these evaluations are the responsibility of the student. A final decision on possible advanced standing credit will be made after Clark has received your official transcript and the outside evaluation of your course work. Please list.

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