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Research by Current Ph.D. Students

Learn more about the research interests of our current Ph.D. students in United States and Atlantic history.

Learn more about the research interests of our current Ph.D. student in Holocaust and genocide studies.

Dissertation Topics of Recent Alumni

Below, browse the dissertation topics of Ph.D. alumni in both our programs: United States and Atlantic history, and Holocaust and genocide studies.

Additional information about alumni in Holocaust and genocide studies can be found on the Strassler Center website.

  • David J. Naumec: “Let Us Fight the Devil with Fire: People of Color and Military Service during the Civil War Era, 1861-1866” (2019)
  • Kimberly Partee Allar: “Education in Violence:  Training Guards in Nazi Concentration Camps and Killings Centers” (2019)
  • Lindsay M. Allen: “ ‘We Must Mix Together’: Race, Class, and the Chicago Department Store: 1890-1930” (2018)
  • Mike Phoenix: “A Dangerous Proximity: The Civilian Complicity during the Holocaust in Romania’s Borderlands 1941-1944” (2018)
  • Lisa Connelly Cook: “Exalted Womanhood: Pro-Woman Networks and National Context, 1865-1920” (2017)
  • Hans J. Schwartz: “Citizens of the Masonic Democracy:  The 18th Century Masonic Diaspora in the Atlantic World and Beyond (2016)
  • Elizabeth Paige Anthony: “Return Home: Holocaust Survivors Reestablishing Lives in Postwar Vienna” (2016)
  • Sara E. Brown: “Gender and Agency: Women Rescuers and Perpetrators during the Genocide in Rwanda” (2016)
  • Michael Geheran: “Betrayed Comradeship: German-Jewish World War I Veterans under Hitler” (2016)
  • Umit Kurt: “The Making of the Aintab Elite: Social Support, Local Incentives and Provincial Motives behind the Armenian Genocide (1890s-1920s)” (2016)
  • Khachador Mouradian: “Genocide and Humanitarian Resistance in Ottoman Syria, 1915-1917” (2016)
  • Joanna Sliwa: “Concealed Presence: Jewish Children in German Occupied Krakow” (2016)
  • Jeffrey P. Koerber: “Born in the Borderlands: Jewish Youth and Their Response to Oppression and Genocide, 1933-1948” (2015)
  • Tiberiu Galis: “Transitional Justice and Reform in Argentina, South Africa and Hungary” (2015)
  • Erin Elizabeth Redihan: “Winning Hearts and Medals: The Olympics and the Cold War, 1948-1968” (2015)
  • Alexis J. Herr: “Fossoli di Carpi: The History and Memory of the Holocaust in Italy” (2014)
  • Diane M. Boucher: “Networks and Empires in the Maritime Borderlands: East Florida, 1763-1811” (2014)
  • Steven K. Heise: “ ‘Whether it be Lawful’: The Debate Over Slavery in the Atlantic world, 1550-1750” (2014)
  • Kameika Samantha Murphy: “Currents of Liberty: Revolutionary Emigres to Jamaica and Their Contribution to Afro-Caribbean Civil Society, 1775-1838” (2014)
  • Stefan Cristian Ionescu: “Romanianization: Greed, Opportunism, Corruption, and Resistance in World War II Bucharest” (2013)
  • Raz Samuel Segal: “Disintegration: Social Breakdown and Political Mass Violence in Subcarpathian Rus” (2013)
  • Alexander Virgil Marriott: “It Has Long Been a Grave Question: The Republican War Dilemma in American History, 1776-1861” (2013)
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Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Through the world-renowned Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Ph.D. students in history conduct innovative research on the causes, courses, and consequences of the Holocaust, the Armenian and other genocides. Resources include the Rose Library and Colin-Flug Graduate Study Wing.

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