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  • Lyndon Estes

    Associate Professor, Geography

    I am an environmental scientist who investigates the drivers and impacts of agricultural change, with a particular focus on Africa. I conduct my research using new Earth Observation technologies and a range of modeling techniques, and work within inter-disciplinary projects […]

  • Abby Frazier

    Assistant Professor, Geography

    Dr. Abby Frazier is a climatologist who studies the spatiotemporal dynamics and impacts of climate change and climate variability. Her research uses geospatial analysis to integrate diverse datasets, including models and observations, to understand the multi-disciplinary impacts of climate on […]

  • Dr. Karen Frey is a professor of earth system science in the Graduate School of Geography. Her research interests involve the combined use of field measurements, satellite remote sensing, and geospatial analytics to study large-scale linkages between land, atmosphere, ocean, […]

  • My research focuses on the effects of climate, disturbances, and land use on mountain forest ecosystems in the U.S. and in Europe. Important recent research themes include: 1) the causes and consequences of forest disturbances such as fires and insect […]

  • Robert Gilmore Pontius Jr is a Professor in Clark University’s Graduate School of Geography. Dr. Pontius specializes in Geographic Information Science (GIS) with particular expertise in statistics, simulation modeling, and land change science. He derives quantitative methods that are in […]

  • John Rogan joined the faculty as Assistant Professor in Fall 2003. Dr. Rogan received his Ph.D. (Geography) degree from the joint doctoral program at San Diego State University and the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he was funded by […]

  • Florencia Sangermano is a geographer specialized in geographic information science (GIS), remote sensing, landscape ecology, and ecoacoustics applied to conservation. Her research focuses on climate and land cover change impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity through the lens of geospatial analysis, […]

  • Dr. Williams is a professor of earth system science within Clark’s School of Geography and is director of the environmental sciences program at Clark.  His expertise is in terrestrial ecosystems, global environmental change, and climate change.   He and his team […]