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Undergraduate Programs

Environmental Science undergraduate student looking at organism near ocean

Explore the complex challenges facing the Earth.

Given the complexity of environmental issues, you will learn to weigh all aspects — the social, political, economic, and scientific — when proposing ideas and solutions.

By drawing on coursework from a wide range of perspectives by faculty all across campus, we train students to see problems from multiple angles, and to think critically about the root causes of environmental challenges as well as the opportunities and barriers for implementing solutions.

Together we consider ways to reduce negative impacts to the environment and human health, improve the management and use of ecosystems and natural resources, cultivate more sustainable living practices, and protect and conserve the wild.

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Major in Environmental Science

Complete three core courses and choose one of three tracks — environmental science and policy, earth system science, or environmental and conservation biology — that you will explore in detail.

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Minor in Environmental Science

Take six courses to explore our program’s three tracks: earth systems science, environmental and conservation biology, and environmental science and policy.

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Environmental Science Major Tracks

Earth System Science

Examine the physical and biological processes that shape environments across the globe, and explore how global environmental changes are altering natural resources and the sustainability of our planet. This track introduces you to earth sciences or geosciences.

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Environmental and Conservation Biology

Explore the ways in which organisms evolve and interact with one another and their environments. This program’s focused curriculum lets you apply biological tools and knowledge to efforts to develop conservation strategies and policies.

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Environmental Science and Policy

Address the complexities of environmental issues in society, gaining an in-depth understanding of how human activity impacts the natural environment and how these impacts can be managed and mitigated.

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Related Accelerated Degree Programs

B.A./M.S. in Biology

Apply to earn a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and a master’s in biology, with the fifth year free.

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B.A./M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy

Apply to earn a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and a master’s in environmental science and policy, with the fifth year free.

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B.A./M.S. in Geographic Information Science (GIS)

Apply to earn a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and a master’s in geographic information science, with the fifth year free.

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Careers and Internships

We help our environmental science majors secure practical, real-world internship and research experiences by leveraging our extensive networks of alumni, research partners, and collaborators.

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Student Awards and Honors

Each year, the program presents three awards to students majoring in environmental science, recognizing their excellence in academics, research, and practice. We also offer an honors program, allowing you to complete a thesis.

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Study Abroad

Interested in studying abroad? Working closely with an adviser to map out your four-year plan, you can combine an environmental science major with a study abroad experience. Study biodiversity in Panama, take a Clark biology course to study ocean life in Bermuda, or find another program that fits your plan.

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