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Andy Acevado

Major: Management

Clark Days: While at Clark, Andy launched his own startup, Takeoff, which has three distinct subsidiaries: photography/videography, apparel manufacturing, and what he describes as “a modern trade school,” where he connects people with experts in a number of areas, including coding, fashion design, accounting, and financial literacy, among many others. He hopes to incorporate one of his great passions — esports — into every aspect of the business. Andy was a research fellow at the Mosakowski Institute for Public Enterprise, where he joined fellows Biko Gayman ’21, MHS ’22, and Gralen Vereen ’22 to develop initiatives to help young men of color deal with mental health issues. With the encouragement of MIPE Director Nadia Ward, Andy also was able to pitch his business model to venture capitalists in Chicago.

Post-Commencement Plans: Andy will continue developing, operating, and expanding the three subsidiaries of Takeoff: TKF Photography, TKF Apparel, and Juego Land (the trade school). He has customized his clothing business to include a wholesale component, which he operates out of his facility in Lynn, Mass.

Observation: “I could have gone to another school, but I highly doubt I would have gotten the same opportunities if I’d gone somewhere else with a larger student body. I love working on large-scale projects that have an impact on many people.”