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Faculty member standing in water in Arctic

Our Focus: Human Interaction With Environments

Grounded in nearly a century of applied research at Clark University, the George Perkins Marsh Institute studies the socioecological, technical, institutional, and other systems through which humans interact with their surrounding environments.

Earth from space

Core Research Themes

Earth Systems Science

Centered in expertise at Clark University’s internationally recognized Graduate School of Geography, Earth System Science research at the George Perkins Marsh Institute examines the structure and function of the Earth’s lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere, and how these systems interact.

Aerial view of houses on seacoast

Core Research Themes

Sociological Systems and Sustainability Science

Among the most pressing challenges facing human society are those involving relationships between humans and natural systems. Researchers at the Marsh Institute were among the pioneers of sustainability science, and the institute remains a world leader in this critical area of work.

Farmer working in field in sub-Saharan Africa

Core Research Themes

Institutions and Human Development

Interactions among the environments in which we live, resource governance, and the role of public and private institutions have important effects on human health, development, and welfare. Institutions and governance determine whether and how people benefit from natural resources and the resilience of local populations to global change and regional upheavals.

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Research Projects

The Marsh Institute  is one of the most productive hubs for research activity at the University, generating approximately 50 percent of the University’s external research funds. It houses approximately 50 research faculty and staff, many of whom have joint appointments with other departments.

Kasperson Library building

Kasperson Library

The Jeanne X. Kasperson Research Library support Clark University’s extensive environmental research programs.

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George Perkins Marsh Institute

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