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Faculty member standing in water in Arctic

Our Focus: Human Interaction With Environments

Grounded in nearly a century of applied research at Clark University, the George Perkins Marsh Institute promotes collaborative, evidence-based research that challenges traditional disciplinary boundaries to address some of the most pressing issues facing today’s world.


Core Research Themes

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

Global climate change affects every living organism on the planet. Marsh Institute researchers are at the forefront of science and policy efforts to inform climate change mitigation, adaptation, and long-term resilience to sustain ecological systems and human livelihoods.

Cranberry Harvest

Core Research Themes

Local and Global Food Security

Population growth, shifting consumption, regional conflicts, and a changing climate are among the factors that threaten food security across the globe. Marsh Institute researchers are helping to ensure the long-term resilience of agricultural systems worldwide.



Core Research Themes

Healthy and Viable Ecosystems

Many ecosystems across the globe are threatened by anthropogenic activities. Marsh Institute researchers are at the forefront of science and policy efforts to maintain and restore healthy ecosystems and conserve the supply of critical ecosystem services they provide.


Core Research Themes

Sustainable Communities and Livelihoods

Sustainable communities and livelihoods rely on institutions and governance to achieve sustainable levels of consumption and ensure their resilience to regional upheavals and global change. Marsh Institute researchers promote an improved human condition.

Faye Harwell (NOAA)

Research Projects

The Marsh Institute is one of the most productive hubs for research and funding at Clark University. Our work solves real-world problems and engages with partners from individual households to organizations and agencies working at national or global scales.

Kasperson Library building

Kasperson Library

The Jeanne X. Kasperson Research Library supports Clark University’s extensive environmental research programs.

Contact Information

George Perkins Marsh Institute

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