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The past year has been an ambitious one for Clark, and we are starting to see the University’s bold plans for a bright future come to life in ways that are both exciting and inspiring!

Here are just a few of Clark’s recent achievements…

* Construction of The Center for Media Arts, Computing, and Design (MACD)
* Formation of the Division of Student Success
* Success of the Becker School of Design & Technology (BSDT)

Plus, applications for admission for the Class of 2027 topped 10,000 and were received from students in all 50 states — a first for Clark!

Gifts from alumni have helped make all of this (and more) possible. We hope you will consider making a gift to the area that means the most to you, so that we can continue to build a bright future for Clark and its students.

Click the link in our bio to make your gift before Clark’s fiscal year ends on May 31
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