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Five Ways Worcester Changed Since You Graduated … Probably.

Aerial Photo of Clark University

Worcester has grown rapidly over the years, while still holding onto its unique charm. You may remember how Worcester changed while you were at college, but let’s have a look at five of the ways Worcester changed in just the past year:  

Polar Park

After years of anticipation, Worcester’s own baseball stadium has finally arrived! Since opening last summer, Polar Park has not only played host to the WooSox, but also a variety of concerts, festivals, and other memorable events.

Check out Polar Park

The Mercantile

There’s nothing quite like the vibe of a rooftop bar. With the opening of The Mercantile in March 2022, you can savor the summer months with good food and drinks in a buzzing venue, located on Mercantile Street! Head over there after a game at Polar Park to try their delicious brick-oven pizzas and sangria.

Check out The Mercantile

Table Talk Pies

This classic Worcester staple was one of the true highlights of Kelley Square, but you won’t find it there today. After announcing plans to change its location in early 2020, Table Talk Pies has now reopened at their new Main South location. Since January 2022, Clarkies need only travel half a mile to get their hands on “America’s favorite pie.”

Check out Table Talk Pies

Kelley Square

Table Talk Pies isn’t the only change in Kelley Square this past year. If you’ve ever been one of the white-knuckled drivers to pass through the “peanut” rotary during your college years, you might notice some serious differences the next time you drive by. After extensive construction, the road system has been restructured to be a safer space for drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike. Test it out yourself next time you visit Worcester Public Market, Seed to Stem, or BirchTree Bread Company.

Clark Campus

We can’t talk about big changes in Worcester and not mention Clark! The University just broke ground on its latest project: The Center for Media Arts, Computing and Design. This dynamic, interdisciplinary building will host our expanding technology programs by Fall 2023. Plus, the campus is expanding with a new seven-acre space on Park Avenue. Stay tuned for more information about what this space may become!

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