Dean of Students

You Are Not To Blame

It is common for victims of sexual violence to feel like the incident was somehow their fault.  It is important to remember that you are not to blame for what happened to you, even if;

  • Your attacker was a friend, family member, partner, lover, or spouse.  You did not ask to be raped.
  • You have previous sexual experience with the person who attacked and/or raped you. 
  • You were drinking or using drugs. 
  • You “froze”, did not or could not say “no”, or were unable to physically harm your attacker.
  • You were dressed in clothing that others felt was seductive or revealing. 
  • Your attacker or anyone tells you that you are to blame for what happened.
  • You willingly decided to be alone and/or intimate with your attacker.  You NEVER asked to be raped.