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2014 Waterford Report

2014 Waterford Report cover

The Marsh Institute has just published a report that describes a 2014 survey undertaken in Waterford, Connecticut and evaluates residents' attitudes on a number of issues related to coastal storms and flooding. For more information, see the pdf copy of Adapting to Coastal Storms and Flooding.

Climate Change Teachers at Clark: Gird for the Long Haul

Worcester Telegram & Gazette 3/26/2015

"Efforts to slow changes in the climate that will have harmful ramifications throughout the world will have to continue for many generations, climate researcher Susanne C. Moser [Ph.D. '97] said Thursday at a daylong Climate Change Teach-in at Clark University. ... Christopher A. Williams, an associate professor of geography and environmental sciences at Clark, said there is no doubt that the greenhouse gases many scientists believe are changing the climate are building up in the atmosphere. ...One of the chief organizers of the teach-in was Sarah D. Buie, professor of visual and performing arts and senior associate at Clark's Higgins School of Humanities." More »

Boston Olympics Would Benefit RI; Newport Venues Not Likely

WPRI 2/24/2015

"The 2024 Summer Olympic games are still more than nine years away and for the next two years--the city and people of Boston will be kept waiting until the International Olympic Committee announces the winner of the host city. ...With more than 40 sporting events, Eyewitness News wanted to know if the Boston bid would benefit from using cities like Newport, known for world-class sailing and the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Dr. Mark Davidson, a professor at Clark University in Worcester who studies the lasting impact of Olympics on host cities, says Rhode Island likely would not get roped in to help host venues. 'My sense is that it would be very unlikely,' said Davidson."

George Perkins Marsh Institute Research on Coastal Risks

Dredging Today 2/10/2015

"Clark University Professor of Economics Robert Johnston, director of the George Perkins Marsh Institute at Clark University, is leading vital research into the environmental and economic impacts of coastal hazards and adaptation along Northeast shores." More »

NASA to Fund Study of Effects of Thinning, Retreating Arctic Ice

Environmental Monitor 1/8/2015

"A geographer at Clark University has won a NASA grant to study impacts that come from thinning and retreating sea ice in the Arctic, according to a release from the school. Her investigation will focus on the Arctic's Pacific region. Karen Frey, an associate professor of geography at the school, is the grant winner. She plans to use the funding to support educational initiatives that will go alongside work looking into the relationships between ice melt, sunlight availability, organism growth and water chemistry." More »