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Call for Student Applications: The 2015-16 Albert, Norma and Howard Geller '77 Endowed Research Awards for Projects Relating to Sustainability

The George Perkins Marsh Institute announces the Geller Student Research Award Competition for 2015-2016. The awards were established by the family of Dr. Howard Geller '77. Geller Student Research Awards are intended to support student-initiated research projects that advance our understanding of sustainability in the human use of resources and the environment. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for awards. We anticipate making 3-4 awards in amounts ranging from $1,001 to $2,500, and several smaller grants, up to $1,000. It is the intention of the committee to award at least one-third of regular and small awards to undergraduate projects, again subject to the number and quality of applications received. Applications must be submitted by students. The deadline for applications is October 23, 2015 at 4:30 pm, EST. Click here for details.

Below is the list of students who received the research award for the Fall 2014-15*:

  • Jacquelyn Dayle Burmeister, "Methodological Development, Best-Practices and Cost-Effectiveness Framing of Ecological Design and Bioremediation Projects for Communities Affected by Petroleum Contamination." $2,250.00
  • William M. Collier, Jr., "Governing a forest-agriculture mosaic in Kenya's Mau Forests Complex." $2,250.00
  • Sean McCartney and Alison Thieme, "Species Distribution Modeling of Endemic Bird Species in Hispaniola." $2,250.00
  • Nicholas Pagan, "Lake Biomonitoring Using the Chironomid Pupal Exuvial Technique in Massachusetts: A Pilot for Mass DEP's Probabilistic Lake Study." $930.00
  • Hannah Reich, "Assessing Seasonal Changes in Symbiodinium Clade Composition in Porites Astreoides Corals on Shallow and Mesophotic Bermudian Reefs." $2,250.00

*Awardees were selected by a panel of Clark University faculty representing multiple departments. The selection process was overseen by the George Perkins Marsh Institute.

Any additional details or questions should be directed to Dana Marie Bauer, Assistant Director of the George Perkins Marsh Institute.

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Our faculty are not just teachers and scholars. They care about what happens in each student's progress to academic maturity, acting as mentors, respecting individual learning styles, and taking pride in pushing each student beyond his or her own expectations. That's why our faculty of experts give undergraduates the unique chance to work side by side with them.

Our faculty of experts give undergraduates the unique chance to work side by side with them.

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