International Studies Stream

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The International Studies Stream Program

The International Studies Stream (ISS) is an innovative option within Clark's Program of Liberal Studies that offers students the opportunity to structure their broad liberal arts education by focusing on international themes and issues.

To succeed in contemporary society, students must be familiar with the ways common problems—such as economic growth, immigration, social welfare, or environmental regulation—are dealt with differently across the globe. They need to understand the historical, social, and political foundations for these differences, and they need to be able to assess their own societies within an international context.

The ISS helps students understand the implications of global integration for cultural identity, economic growth, peace, security, and development. Language and cultural studies provide the skills necessary for effective participation in the global economy.

The ISS infuses students' educational experiences with an international perspective. Through courses, guest speakers, internships, and study abroad opportunities, the Stream provides the broad-based international experience students will need in our increasingly global society.