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Liana Shpani

Liana Shpani, Editor in Chief

Liana Shpani ’21 is a double major in physics and mathematics. She has been on the SURJ Editorial Board since her sophomore year, currently holding the position of executive editor. Outside of SURJ, her classes, and her on-campus job as a student programmer for Moodle, she is part of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) and loves hanging out in the physics department. She has been involved in physics research since her freshman year and is now applying to graduate schools to pursue her passion further. She enjoys gardening, painting, and hanging out with her cat, Maxwell.

Morgan Hylton

Morgan Hylton, Executive Editor, Editor of Copy Editing

Morgan Hylton is a senior studying English, CYES, and CRES in preparation for law school. She has been involved with SURJ since her first year, joining the E-Board as editor of copy editing in 2019. Morgan also co-leads InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, works as an admissions ambassador, and conducts independent research in the English and sociology departments. In her spare time, she bakes, spends time with her roommates, and drinks lots of black coffee.

Maddy Molina

Maddy Molina, Executive Editor, Editor of Peer Review

Maddy Molina is a junior studying Environmental Science on the policy track. She became involved in SURJ during her sophomore year as a deputy editor of peer review. She is also involved in the Undergraduate Student Council as a member of the Grants Committee and Variant Dance Troupe. In her spare time, she exploring new places to eat in Worcester, reading, and buying too much Dunkin Donuts iced coffee.

Chi Nguyen

Chi Nguyen, Editor of Peer Review

Chi Nguyen is a senior studying biochemistry and molecular biology. She joined SURJ in her first year as a layout designer and has been a peer reviewer since her sophomore year. Chi is involved in a variety of research projects, ranging from carbon dioxide reduction to peptide therapies. In her free time, she enjoys baking and kickboxing.

Mahi Taban

Mahi Taban, Editor of Copy Editing

Mahi Taban is a senior majoring in English and political science with a concentration in international relations. In the past, she has been involved in the Undergraduate Student Council and the South Asian Students Association at Clark. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and is planning on attending law school next fall. Her extracurricular interests include poetry, post-colonial literature, and South Asian and SWANA history and politics.

Olivia Pozder

Olivia Pozder, Editor of Marketing and Publicity

Olivia Pozder is a senior studying economics, with plans of pursuing a Master’s of Finance through Clark’s Accelerated B.A./Master’s Program. Her interest in research began when she started to explore economic development courses at Clark. Growing up in Austin, Texas, in her free time she likes to explore New England and dance (although, she’s not planning on traveling much this year). She gained experience working in publicity while studying in Australia last spring where she also was able to avoid another Worcester winter.

Noah Rowan

Noah Rowan, Editor of Design and Layout

Noah Rowan is a sophomore studying geography in his second year with SURJ. In his free time, he enjoys visual design, cycling, riding the bus, and cartography. He has done design work for three years now, with experience in small publications and freelance logo design.

Sarah Hughes

Sarah Hughes, Deputy Editor of Peer Review

Sarah Hughes is a sophomore studying environmental science. She became involved with SURJ as a peer reviewer in her first year at Clark. Sarah also is a member of the Association of Martial Artists at Clark (AMAC) and has conducted research in projecting pollution emissions from the electric sector, as well as on e-cigarettes. In her free time, she enjoys splurging on bubble tea and iced coffee and is an avid reader.

Liz Mahon

Liz Mahon, Deputy Editor of Peer Review

Liz Mahon is a sophomore majoring in biology and psychology. This is her first year with SURJ. Liz works as a research assistant with professor Nancy Budwig researching the college preparedness of high school seniors. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, and embroidery.