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Lauren Howard

Lauren Howard, Editor in Chief

Lauren Howard is a senior political science major with concentrations in law and society and ethics and public policy. She loves to think about how knowledge gets made, which led her to be involved in SURJ for three years. She has previously served as a peer reviewer and copy editor as well as managing editor. She is the sort of weirdo that really, really cares about citations. She also likes the Internet. She is hoping to get some sort of degree that makes her feel smart at the end of the day.

Alex Grayson

Alex Grayson, Peer Review Editor

Alex Grayson is a junior majoring in philosophy with concentrations in ethics & public policy and law and society. Alex has an interest in drawing on his philosophy background to study effective HIV/AIDS public health policy. Currently, he is researching how 21st-century innovation interacts with the Fourth Amendment. He also enjoys mountain biking and not taking himself too seriously with friends. He is thrilled to broaden the scope and accessibility of undergraduate research at Clark as the third editor in chief of SURJ.

Amiel Jaggernauth

Amiel Jaggernauth, Peer Review Editor

Amiel Jaggernauth is a junior majoring in biology. He works in The Meyer Lab studying the development of nervous systems in the annelid Capitella teleta. After Clark, Amiel plans to pursue a career in the biotech industry in the field of stem cell biology. Amiel spends his free time back home in Indiana and can most likely be found on a beach somewhere during vacations.

Christian Rentsman

Christian Rentsman, Web Editor

Christian Rentsman ’18 is a computer science and mathematics double major, with a minor in comparative literature. With a wide array of interests, Chris can often be found coding up a new application in hopes of striking gold, reading a book on aesthetics, studying a new language, or looking off into space, wishing he knew what he was doing. Whenever he’s free, he stares at expensive clothing, goes absolutely crazy for the latest hip hop releases, and gushes over K-pop groups. All at the same time.

Celia Ringland

Celia Ringland, Managing Editor

Celia Ringland is a senior majoring in management and minoring in cultural studies and communication. Post-graduation, she will participate in the Graduate School of Management’s accelerated MBA program. In her free time, Celia enjoys reading, traveling to sunny places, and petting dogs.

Amy Wong

Amy Wong, Design Editor

Amy Wong ’18 is a studio art major and a management minor. Besides SURJ, she participates in Residence Hall Association, works at Clark’s mail room, and photographs various events at Clark. She enjoys digital media creation and photography. Beyond undergraduate graduation, she plans to pursue a career in marketing, digital media design, and/or photography in a place where she will not have to parallel park. If she could, she would drink coffee eight times a day and have sweets for every meal.