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Wellness Wheel

We often only think about our health and wellness when they are compromised and tend to think that if we are not ill, then we are well.  However, wellness is not merely the absence of suffering or illness, but the personal, meaningful, and intentional striving for positive well-being.  Just as there are varying degrees to illness, the same is true for wellness. Wellness is never a static state, but an ongoing process and commitment of nourishing our dynamic selves!

The Wellness Wheel encourages us to acknowledge that we are much more than we often reduce ourselves down to be – we are whole, complex, and multifaceted human beings! When first exploring ourselves through the lens of the Wellness Wheel, it is quite normal to realize you are more conscious of some areas than others, to have differing levels of wellness or illness in each area, for distress in one area to bleed over into others, and for well-being in each area to fluctuate due to changing circumstances or different seasons of life.  The Wellness Wheel Inventory is a self-reflective tool that can help us more fully examine how well we feel we actually are. This inventory is only to be used to gain insight into oneself and not to be used for diagnostic purposes. After going through the inventory you will receive your report that will share back what you indicated are your spokes of strength as well as growth edges that you may want to focus on.

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