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Congratulate Our Next President

We invite you to share a message of congratulations and welcome with David Fithian and the Clark community.

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  1. I was so happy to hear this news. You were one of the first students I met at Clark Freshman year. You helped me integrate into the social community, at age 18, when I was homesick. I remember playing silly games every weekend in a dorm with you and a small group at Bullock hall. You always took charge, and made everyone feel good about themselves. So happy for you and Michael.

  2. How thrilling to have a Clark alum serve as President! Best wishes for a stimulating, challenging first year (and hopefully far beyond), as you reacquaint yourself with the University and Worcester and lead us into a new decade.

  3. Welcome President Fithian. May you take Clark from strength to strength as a leading teaching and research institution with an acute sense of social mission.

  4. I join others to warmly congratulate and welcome you to steer our Alma mater into the new decade and beyond. Indeed my experience while at Clark (1990-1994) made an indelible impact in my life. The flexibility of study programs, friendly faculty advising and the international character are some of the aspects which make Clark truly unique.

  5. In selecting David as Clark’s next President, the Board of Trustees hit this one out of the park! What an amazing decision! I knew David as a remarkably intelligent, committed and thoughtful classmate. His career accomplishments speak for themselves. I can’t help but think that Clark is headed for the stars!

    Congratulations President Fithian!

  6. A huge welcome to you and your husband. My father taught at Clark for 22 years and I have very special feelings for the university. It helped me accomplish what I have done.

  7. Welcome back to Clark, David. As an alumni from 1970, living in Worcester and so ready to celebrate our 50th reunion, I am so very pleased to learn of your new role as our President. I am sure that you are so ready and committed to secure or advance the academic opportunities as necessary and support the broad and diverse social differences, needs and responsibilities of students, staff, and faculty. Best wishes to you and your future.

  8. Congratulations, David! The Clark community welcomes you with open arms. I am excited to see the direction the university is taking and look forward to assisting you in any way I can. Best of luck!

  9. Congratulations! As you transition back into the Main South and greater Worcester community, I urge you to connect deeply and thoughtfully to this ever-changing space. I have high hopes for harmony between this institution and the community, and there are many brilliant folk already committed to great work. Listening, hearing, is everything. Best wishes to you, David!

  10. Congrats, David! We didn’t know each other while at Clark, but the Class of ’87 was filled with lots of great people. Good luck leading the next wave of Clarkies to greatness.

  11. Excited to see your leadership come to fruition and take Clark to the next level, welcome back!

  12. Congratulations and welcome home!! Look forward to meeting you and your husband in the future.

  13. Congratulations, Dr. Fithian, on your appointment as President. It is wonderful to see a fellow Clarkie and sociologist take the lead of Clark. Good luck.

  14. Congratulations on your appointment as the next president of Clark University! We are excited to welcome you and your husband to the Clark University community.

  15. What a homecoming and how surreal!

    As another member of your class, is it wrong to feel like Mom and Dad are out for the evening and we kids get to run rampant? I’m also having a flashback to Stockard Channing c. 1978: “We are going to rule the school!”

    With all best wishes for continued success, wisdom, kindness, and perpetuating Clark values!

  16. Congratulations, David, and welcome (back) to you and Michael. I was enormously impressed with your previous achievements, but even more so with the numerous testimonies to your character. In the best possible sense, it seems you and my beloved Clark deserve each other! And, though hardly crucial for the job, I admit I’m tickled that the next president is a lover of the arts, an English major (I was an English major, but, typical Clarkie, I spent my entire career as an energy and environmental policy analyst), gay, and a breeder of Friesian horses (I, too, am a lifelong horse lover, particularly Morgans). I am very confident about Clark’s future in your good hands, especially about the continuation of Clark’s longstanding efforts and reputation for fostering leadership in constructive social activism.

  17. Welcome home, David. You will soon share in the “surreal joy” (as I like to describe it) of advocating on a daily basis for your own alma mater. Having also served other universities for most of my years since graduation, prior to returning back to Clark, I know that you will find your #ClarkU career chapter to be uniquely rewarding, beyond comparison.

  18. What an exciting development for Clark University! As a parent of a current Clark University junior (’21), I am grateful to all who were involved in the presidential search and I am appreciative of those who will provide support during the upcoming transition in leadership. I extend a warm welcome to David and wish him tremendous success as he returns to the Clark community! I look forward to getting to know David through my role on the Parents Advisory Council and to meeting and welcoming Michael as well.

  19. Congratulations and welcome back to Clark Dr. Fithian! I look forward to seeing what you have planned for our University and working with you as a council member and fellow alum!

  20. Congratulations Dr. David Fithian for your appointment as the next president of Clark University. I believe that you will surely anchor the aspirations of the Clark graduate students and more so the International students who have traveled from far and wide for intellectual growth with a unique global experience.

  21. Congratulations and best of luck. Great to have you back where it all began. Chicago’s loss is Clark’s gain.

  22. Congratulations and Welcome back to Clark, David!

    As a Co-Chair of the Clark University GOLD Alumni Council, I am excited to not only welcome you back to Clark University but to share the GOLD Council’s goal to foster connections with young alumni and increase giving through engagement, rather than strictly monetary means. I am looking forward to working with you as the GOLD Council continues to encourage and reshape how Clarkies perceive “giving back” to their alma mater! I am always happy to explore methods for how recent Alumni can support in implementing your vision and give their time by promoting Clark initiatives.

    Once again, we are delighted to have you and are eager to learn of your vision and strategic initiatives to help Clark improve in this new decade and within the ever-changing higher education industry.

    Kindest Regards,

    Alex Turgeon

  23. Congratulations and welcome back to Clark! I look forward to working with you as a member of the Alumni Council.

  24. A hearty congratulations David and delighted for both you and Michael on this new chapter in your lives. For all of us expatriate and non-US based Clarkies, hope you’ll have the opportunity to join alumni events abroad from time to time, and selfishly especially in Paris.

  25. Welcome to Clark David & Michael! I am so excited to see where your presidency takes this university. Looking forward to meeting you both.

  26. Congratulations and Welcome, David! It was a pleasure meeting you and Michael yesterday. I’m so happy for Clark that you are returning to campus to help us move forward, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

  27. Congratulations and Welcome back to Clark, David!
    Clark has so much potential, and I am looking forward to learning about your vision and strategic initiatives to help Clark improve in this new decade.
    I worked closely with President Angel and the Board of Trustees in the last years and am always happy to have a chat about how recent Alumni can help in implementing your vision and supporting current students.

  28. Congratulations!!! Dr. Margaret A Smith, ‘85

  29. Congratulations and Welcome back to Clark!! Wishing you much success, as you take the helm and continue to steer the ship moving forward. I look forward to working with you and to watch the evolution of our alma mater under your leadership!

  30. Welcome back to Clark! Wonderful news for the Clarkie community!

  31. Welcome back to Clark David! It was a great pleasure to meet you and Michael today. Alumni & Friends Engagement is so thrilled that a Clark alumnus will be at the helm of our fine institution. What a wonderful day for Clark and Clarkies! Best of luck to both you and Michael in your new adventure.

  32. Welcome back Dr. Fithian! I am overjoyed to read of your appointment and am looking forward to meeting you whether at an Alumni Council meeting, cheering on the basketball team at a game in Boston, or over a beer at the Blarney (you are a Clarkie after all). Congratulations and see you at home soon!

  33. Congratulations to you and welcome back to Clark. I’m looking forward to the exciting times ahead.

  34. On behalf of the entire Clark University Men’s Basketball program, we’re excited to add a new member to our Clark community team in President David Fithian. Congratulations and hope to see you at the Kneller soon!

  35. Congratulations and welcome to the Clark community! I’m an ‘85 graduate and Clark helped pave my way after arriving from Japan. As an adjunct instructor, I loved working closely with students who were trying to find their way at Clark. And as a television producer and diversity consultant, I always have Clark in my heart and mind as I work to help communities around the world find common ground. You are in the company of worldly and compassionate people.

  36. Congratulations and welcome! I’m so excited to meet you and I look forward to working with you!

  37. Congratulations David!
    “Categorizing people isn’t something you can do here.”
    We are peas of the same pod!
    I am an alumnus (‘91) a proud Clark parent (‘20) and serve on Clark’s Parent Council.
    Welcome back to where “you belong.”
    Of course, both quotes are from Clark University’s unique Peas in a Pod poster.

  38. Congratulations on your appointment as the 10th President of Clark. Also, welcome home to our shared alma mater. As a fellow Clarkie who has committed my professional journey to academia I am excited by this news. Good luck and best wishes as you re-join the Worcester community. It is an exciting time!

  39. Dear David,
    My husband and I are thrilled with your appointment! With all your accomplishments, your experience and your vision, you seem to be exactly the right person to lead Clark into the twenty-first century. We welcome you and your husband warmly and wish you an exciting 2020!

  40. Welcome home to Clark! As an alumna (1995) and staff member at Clark, I am excited to have you rejoin our campus community. I look forward to working with you as part of Staff Assembly — and to getting to know you and Michael during your tenure here. Congratulations!

  41. Congratulations David on your appointment as President of Clark University. I’m impressed with your credentials and feel you will be an asset to the next phase of development at Clark. Best wishes to you and your husband. I’m particularly interested as I was in my 50’s before I was able to be true to myself. I now live in Canada with my partner of 15 years.

  42. Congratulations and welcome back! Looking forward to meeting and working with you.

  43. Delighted that such an accomplished individual who’s held leadership posts at Harvard and the University of Chicago has been selected (unanimously!) to take this university to the next level. I am confident good things await Clark University with David Fithian ’87 at the helm. The excitement on campus today was palpable. What a wonderful way to kick off the semester!

  44. Welcome back David! We are thrilled to have you and your husband as a part of the future of our beloved University!

  45. As an alum of the class of 1992, and a proud parent of the class of 2023, I welcome you and your husband with open arms! I am so proud of my Clark heritage – let me know how I can help!

  46. Congratulations and welcome! So looking forward to you ushering in this exciting new chapter for Clark and having the opportunity to meet you and work with you!

  47. Congratulations to David Fithian! As a fellow alumnus (’91), parent of a current Clark student (’20), and chair of the Parent’s Council, I welcome you back to campus to challenge convention and change the world. It’s exciting that a Clarkie is going to be the 10th president of this exceptional university.

  48. Congratulations!! Welcome home!

  49. Congratulations and welcome back to Clark! What a pleasant surprise to see an alumnus accept this position. The Alumni Council looks forward to meeting you and learning how we can help advance your strategy for the university.

  50. So excited to see a former classmate as the helm of Clark. Your academic and professional accomplishments seem truly impressive. Clark and its students are lucky to have you as their new President. As a fellow Class of ’87 alumni, I look forward hearing your ideas, future goals for Clark and bumping into you at reunions! Congratulations Dr. Fithian!

  51. Congratulations and welcome back!

  52. Dear David, welcome back home and congratulations for taking the helm and to leading Clark into the new decade and beyond. You have a fascinating and diverse background and my husband Brad and I look forward to meeting you and your husband Michael along the way as you settle back into Worcester.

  53. Congratulations David. Wishing you great success in the office. It’s my desire that your administration will give good considerations to graduate school affairs and improving international students’ experience has advertised by Clark. These two stems hold the face and prospect of ClarkU.

  54. Congratulations, welcome (back), and best wishes to incoming president David Fithian ’87. Many thanks to outgoing president David Angel for his decades of dedication to and outstanding work for Clark!

  55. Congratulations and Welcome! Can’t wait to meet you. I am delighted to have a fellow Clarkie in the President’s seat.

  56. Congratulations David! As a fellow English major and member of your class, I can’t imagine why we didn’t know each other as undergrads. Nevertheless I’m glad to see you representing ’87 so well. Have a long, successful stay.

  57. Congratulations and best wishes to Dr. David Fithian!

  58. Exciting, indeed, for the parent of a current Clark undergrad. Congratulations and best of luck in further preparation for the transition, to Clark U. leadership and Dr. David B. Fithian.

  59. David — As a fellow member of the 100th class at Clark, and just in general, I am thrilled to see you come back, duly impressed with your academic and professional accomplishments, but even moreso by the heartfelt and ringing endorsement of your character, decision-making ability, and general person-hood by so many. At a time when leadership across the country and globe and examples of good and wise people are desperately needed, you are stepping forward to take the mantle at Clark — a place that has contributed so much to society and usually been ahead of its time, and that can and must continue to lead and provide good examples to its student, alumni, country, and planet. I most sincerely look forward to your ideas and leadership, and just chatting with you at some point at an alumni event or other, and helping where I can. Welcome back!

  60. Congratulations, David. May it turn out to be the best job in the country! (At least on the good days).

  61. Welcome home, David! As a staff member and alum of the the Class of 2014, I’m excited to have you as our next president. I look forward to getting to know you and Michael and seeing your impact on Clark and Worcester. Welcome!

  62. Welcome home!

  63. Congratulations to our next president. I’m excited to see where you will take this great school!

  64. David, many, many congratulations! Your won’t remember me, but I taught you Freshman Composition at some point around 1984 when I was a graduate student in the English Department and had just arrived from England. Like you, I followed an academic career and am now Provost and Vice Chancellor at Louisiana State University in Shreveport. It’s great to see your face!

  65. -My congratulations to our next president and to the selection committee for a job well done.

  66. In the current climate of madness and ex-clusiveness in this country, this wonderful news warms my heart and reminds me that my beloved alma mater has always been a shining example of inclusiveness, innovation, and sanity. Bravo on your election, and best of luck in all your endeavors. Randi Shulman, proud member of the class of 1978.

  67. Congratulations and Welcome! Looking forward to learning more about you and meeting you!

  68. As a member of the Clark Alumni Council’s Diversity & Inclusion Task Force (and a proud bisexual member of the Clark alumni community), I am THRILLED to welcome Clark’s first LGBTQ+ President. This is a huge step forward for our beloved institution, and demonstrates a commitment to LGBTQ+ alumni throughout the highest levels of Clark’s administration. Welcome, welcome, welcome, from fellow queer Clarkies. We are delighted to have you, and eager to see how this appointment changes conversations about queerness, identity, and inclusiveness on campus.

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