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Social media are constantly changing and evolving. We invite Clark faculty and staff who are considering establishing — or have already started — a social media site for their department or office to contact Clark’s social media manager for advice, support, and promotion, as appropriate.

Contact Aviva Luttrell

Social Media Guidelines

We can help you establish your goals, build a social media plan, learn about dos and don’ts, select the appropriate social media tool to support your goals, promote your site, and navigate the process of building and maintaining a social media presence.

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Setting Goals for Your Department’s Social Media Presence

What should you consider when creating your social media plan? We offer ideas that you might discuss with Clark’s social media manager.

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Important Points from Clark’s Appropriate Use Guidelines

We outline important points from Clark’s Policy for Appropriate Use of Clark’s Information Technology System so you keep them in mind when using Clark accounts and posting content to web and social media.

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