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Program Faculty

  • Denise Humphreys Bebbington

    Research Associate Professor, Sustainability and Social Justice

    Denise Humphreys Bebbington is Research Associate Professor in the Department of Sustainability and Social Justice (formerly IDCE) at Clark University in Massachusetts, USA. She is Co-director of the Center for the Study of Natural Resources Extraction and Society at Clark […]

  • Cynthia Caron

    Associate Professor, Sustainability and Social Justice

    As a development sociologist and practitioner in international development and humanitarian assistance, Cindy Caron's research focuses on gender relations in a variety of contexts: agricultural production, access to land and natural resources, land and natural resource governance, displacement, and reconstruction […]

  • Edward Carr

    Professor, Sustainability and Social Justice

    Edward R. Carr is a geographer and anthropologist whose career and research focus on exploring alternative ways of achieving meaningful and enduring improvements to human well-being. His work provides insights into the ways development and adaptation interventions impact human well-being, […]

  • Jody Emel

    Senior Research Scholar, Geography

  • Anita Fabos

    Professor, Sustainability and Social Justice

    Anita H. Fábos is an anthropologist who studies how people who experience displacement and forced migration think about and organize their mobile lives. She has lived, worked, and conducted research together with diasporic Sudanese Muslims and other forced migrants in […]

  • Ellen Foley

    Professor, Sustainability and Social Justice

    Ellen Foley is a medical anthropologist whose research addresses the social production of disease with a focus on how intertwined global, national, and local social forces shape vulnerability to disease, health status, and access to medical care, particularly in sub-Saharan […]

  • I am an urban geographer with interests in the meanings and understandings of place, local politics, legal geography, qualitative methodologies, and social movements (particularly neighborhood activism). My research focuses on the United States, including past research in the Twin Cities […]

  • Laurie Ross

    Professor, Sustainability and Social Justice

    Director, Sustainability and Social Justice

    Laurie Ross brings expertise in developing and supporting long-term community-university partnerships that address the social determinants of youth violence. The intractability of youth violence requires horizontal knowledge and strategy production (i.e. responses that are co-created by individuals and communities affected […]

  • Barbara Thomas-Slayter

    Professor Emeritus, Sustainability and Social Justice