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Program Director

  • Dr. Goldberg received a B.A. from Wesleyan University in 1999, and an M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts in 2001 and 2005, respectively. She has been at Clark since 2005. Dr. Goldberg is interested in how a variety of […]

Research Faculty

  • Cynthia Enloe

    Research Professor, Sustainability and Social Justice

    Education Ph.D. December 1967 University of California (Berkeley)M.A. January 1963 University of California (Berkeley)B.A. cum laude, June 1960 Connecticut College (New London) Biography Cynthia Enloe is a Research Professor in the Department of Sustainability and Social Justice at Clark University, and is affiliated […]

  • Barbara Thomas-Slayter

    Professor Emeritus, Sustainability and Social Justice

Danielle HanleyDr. Danielle Hanley

Dr. Hanley received her B.A. from Cornell University in 2006. She received her MA and PhD in Political Science, focusing on Political Theory, from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016 and 2018, respectively. She has previously taught courses at University of Pennsylvania, Stockton University, and Rutgers University before coming to Clark.

Dr. Hanley is interested in the role of emotions in political life. Her work draws together scholarship from political theory, classical studies, feminist thought, and performance studies to consider the work of grief and rage in politics. She is currently working on her first book project, based on her dissertation research, which examines grief, rage, and solidarity in the context of Greek tragedy and contemporary protest movements. In addition, she writes about feminist pedagogy in the conventional and virtual classroom. Dr. Hanley is currently teaching the introductory course for Women’s and Gender Studies, and is excited about teaching courses in WGS that will draw on her research and training in political theory, including courses that focus on emotions, gender, and power.

Susan Hanson
Distinguished University Professor Emerita
Graduate School of Geography

Margarete Arndt
Emerita Professor, Graduate School of Management

Sarah Buie
Research Scholar, Department of Visual and Performing Arts
Tel: 1-508-793-7560

Marcia Butzel
Associate Professor Emerita, Department of Visual and Performing Arts

Serena S. Hilsinger
Professor Emerita, Department of English

Fern Johnson
Professor Emerita, Department of English 
Tel: 1-508-793-7142

Dorothy Kaufmann
Professor Emerita, French

Sharon Krefetz
Associate Professor Emerita, Department of Political Science 
Tel: 1-508-793-7300