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SSJ Trip to Salem, Massachusetts

A full day of shopping, touring, and eating in this historic city on the ocean!

Sponsored by: Department of Sustainability and Social Justice

Global Geographies of Weather Modification in an Era of Climate Change

Dana Commons, Higgins Lounge

Despite the importance of weather modification in the context of climate change, it has not attracted much recent attention from social scientists. Emily Yeh will provide a wide-ranging and hopefully fun overview of weather modification in the US, China, and the United Arab Emirates through a geographical lens.

Sponsored by: Clark University Phi Beta Kappa

Refugees, Rights, and Belonging

Grace Conference Room

Join us for a discussion with Gaisu Yari and Manya Oriel Kagan, who bring perspectives from their work on human rights, gender justice, and the educational rights of refugee and migrant children.

Sponsored by: Department of Sustainability and Social Justice

Eid Potluck & Celebration

Granville Seminar Room, SSJ House 10 Hawthorne Street

Join with your fellow SSJ students in a culinary celebration of cultures.

Sponsored by: SSJ Student Association

Liberating Language Skills: Critical Pedagogy for Refugee Empowerment in Employment


Eliana Stanislawski will discuss strategies for increasing educational access for adult refugee learners, developing innovative approaches to virtual learning for adults at all language levels, and challenging the deficit mindset that is pervasive in Adult ESOL and refugee resettlement work.

Sponsored by: The Integration & Belonging Hub

Unveiling the Making and Message of al-Mizan: A Covenant for the Earth


Al-Mizan: A Covenant for the Earth is a restatement of the principles governing the protection of nature. This insightful panel discussion will delve into the profound significance of al-Mizan and its relevance for people of diverse faiths and spiritualities worldwide.

Are immigrants aware of lead? Assessing knowledge and potential exposure of Chinese immigrants in Worcester, MA

Jonas Clark 106

Weinan Zhao is a postgraduate studying Environmental Science and Policy. Wei is working with Dr. Morgan Ruelle and Dr. David Bell of Clark's Department of Sustainable and Social Justice(SSJ) to analyze Chinese immigrants' knowledge and experience about lead exposure in Worcester, MA. The purpose of this research is to explore lead poisoning among Chinese immigrants in Worcester, Massachusetts and its impact on health and equity.

Sponsored by: Department of Sustainability and Social Justice

Edible Landscapes

Jonas Clark 118

What insights emerge when we view agriculture not just as a means of food production, but as a unique landscape in itself? By examining the historical evolution of food landscapes, what revelations can we uncover about the dynamics of power?

Sponsored by: Department of Sustainability and Social Justice

Poster Exhibition – Farming For Multispecies Justice: Food Security, Racial Capitalism, and Abolitionist Agroecology

Academic Commons - Goddard Library

Join us for an enlightening experience where 16 dedicated students showcase their journey through a semester-long community-engaged course. Whether you're a seasoned advocate or a curious learner, this exhibition promises insights and inspiration for all who care about justice in our food systems. Take advantage of this opportunity to broaden your perspective and contribute to a more just and equitable world through agriculture.

Sponsored by: Department of Sustainability and Social Justice

Cultures of Exile : Class Project Presentations

Alumni Student Engagement Center Rm 304

Come and hear about:
Recording Video Recipes from Home with ACE Families: Suggestions for success
Kitchen Access for Haitian Families in Hotel Accommodations: Current practices
Sourcing Fresh and Tasty Food from Home: Is urban farming the solution?

Sponsored by: Department of Sustainability and Social Justice