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Members of the Sustainability and Social Justice community love to get involved – both in the classroom and beyond.

When you become part of our community, you’ll encounter numerous opportunities to supplement your coursework with co-curricular experiences that provide new avenues for learning and enjoyment. Student organizations reflect the passions and interests of the Clark student body; as you pursue a longstanding hobby – or test out a new one – you’ll find yourself surrounded by likeminded individuals eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm. Along the way, you’ll form new friendships with peers of diverse intellectual and cultural backgrounds.

You can participate in valuable co-curricular activities focused on topics such as technological literacy, current affairs, and cultural exploration, which help supplement the classroom experience and foster a sense of community among students. The skills you gain through these activities – including collaboration, time management, and leadership – will benefit you during your time at the Department of Sustainability and Social Justice and long after.

Student Organizations

Sustainability and Social Justice students are encouraged to seize the opportunity to dive in, whether through multicultural associations, intramural athletics, or the student organizations listed here.

The Sustainability and Social Justice Student Association seeks to enhance the dialogue between students, faculty, and staff, and works toward greater harmony within the student body and the community at large. The Student Association communicates student issues, promotes diversity, and encourages participation and active listening by all of its constituents.

The Student Association plans social activities and events relevant to each Sustainability and Social Justice academic program. The organization not only brings together students, staff, and faculty, but also finds meaningful opportunities to link the various programs and academic activities at the Department of Sustainability and Social Justice to maximize our transdisciplinary learning environment. The Student Association holds regular meetings which are open to the entire department.

A committee within the Sustainability and Social Justice Student Association that was formed in 2014, SMILE is a student-led initiative based on the recognition that diversity and inclusion are fundamental to academic success. Through evaluations, workshops, dialogues, community-building activities, and advocacy, SMILE aims to foster a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming learning environment for all students.

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