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Research Opportunities

The Economics Department sponsors a seminar series where economics majors, doctoral students, and faculty come together to learn about and discuss research trends in the field.

Undergraduates participate in research in a number of ways: as part of a course, internship or honors program, or by participating in faculty research. Students can apply for funding to support their own research on a project of their choice during the academic year or during the summer.

Professional Conferences

Some students attend professional conferences where they present their research and network with other economics professionals. Example include the Association for Public Policy and Management Conference, the Eastern Economic Association, and the American Association of Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting.

Fall Fest and Academic Spree Day

Clark’s annual Fall Fest and Academic Spree Day are opportunities to share your research or creative work with the Clark community while you hone your presentation skills.

Examples of projects presented by economics students include:

  • Economics and The Olympics
  • Measuring the Economic Benefits of Commuter Rail Service
  • Hammering the Sickle: Commodity price level shocks to GDP Growth
  • A Hedonic Measure of the Effect of Tree Canopy Cover on Real Home Prices
  • Real estate value and education

Campus Research Publication

Students may also submit their research results for publication in our student-run Scholarly Undergraduate Research Journal.

Honors Program

Students who excel in academic work may apply to our Honors Program, allowing them to work closely with faculty on in-depth research.

Below, check out recent honors research by our students.

Rashif Al-Mahmood: Lessons from Past Trade Wars (Adviser: David Cuberes)

Madeleine Buchman: Inequality: It’s a Real Crime:  Examining the Crime-inequality Nexus in Cities across the U.S. (Adviser: Wayne Gray)

Jose Castillo Montenegro: The Effects of Regional Trade Agreements in Latin America on Trade Flows (Adviser: Suprabha Baniya)

Elizabeth Fandozzi: The Resource Curse:  Presenting New Evidence (Adviser: John Brown)

Mya Juliet Kyaw: Does Insurance Bring Assurance to Farmers in India? (Adviser: Suprabha Baniya)

Brandon Lau Zelaya: Do Airport Expansions Benefit the Economy? (Adviser: David Cuberes)

Tanzeem Zian Lodi: Are Economic Sanctions Effective? (Adviser: David Cuberes)

Joshua Merchat: Korea and Japan:  a Tale of Two Economies (Adviser: Edouard Wemy)

Sarp Mertdogan: Stock Market Efficiency in the Digital Era (Adviser: David Cuberes)

Hei Yin Jocelyn Ng: Market Response to Quarterly Earnings Announcements:  Evidence from Chinese Public Companies (Adviser: Junfu Zhang)

Maia Nikoladze: The Effect of Carbon Tax Policy on the Amount of CO2 Emissions Per Capita (Adviser: Dana Bauer)

Minh Quach: Where Does the Money Go?  A Regression Analysis of the Determinants of Chinese FDI (Adviser: Sang Hoo Bae)

Gyulnara Shakhalieva: FOREX Fluctuations and their Impact upon Economic Performance in the COS Countries (Adviser: Suprabha Baniya)

Christopher Sturiale: Rare Earth Element Global Trade Flow (Adviser: Wayne Gray)

Shyam Virani: The Effect of Airline Mergers on Consumer Airfares (Adviser: Sang Hoo Bae)

Syed Absar Ali: Pakistan’s [Lack of] Economic Growth:  An Analysis of Industrialization and International Trade (Adviser: John Brown)

Tehreem Cheema: Measuring the Gender Wage Gap in Pakistan’s Education Sector (Adviser: Marc Rockmore)

Brenna Foley: Economics and the Olympics (Adviser: Marc Rockmore)

Michael Gaiewski: Does the United States want a Strong Dollar or a Weak Dollar? (Adviser: David Cuberes)

Andres Gvirtz: Fighting Bias with Bias – Utilizing Prospect Theory to Created Dialectic Wisdom of Crowds Phenomena within Individuals (Adviser: Marc Rockmore)

Anthony Jreije: Measuring the Economic Benefits of Commuter Rail Service (Adviser: John Brown)

Kenza Naitlho: Will the Integration of Morocco to the African Union have a Positive or Negative Impact on its Economy? (Adviser: David Cuberes)

Ashleigh Nongogo: Financial Development and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa (Adviser: Edouard Wemy)

Crystal Tang: Does Money Buy Happiness:  An Analysis of Income’s Impact on Happiness in the United States from 1974-2016 (Adviser: Magda Tsaneva)

Arslan Tarar: Hammering the Sickle:  Commodity Price Level Shocks to GDP Growth (Adviser: Wayne Gray)

Ameia Turner: The Effect of Socioeconomic Factors on Water Quality throughout the United States (Adviser: Dana Bauer)

Nikolas Wagner: Institutions of Integration:  The Role of Educational Systems in Integrating Foreign Born Youth (Adviser: John Brown)

Mickayla Aboujaoude: Exploring the Determinants of Performing Arts Attendance in the United States (Adviser: Jacqueline Geoghegan)

Oyut Amarjargal: Spatial-Econometric Relationship between Urbanization and Economic Development in Mongolia (Adviser: Wayne Gray)

Savannah Donohue: The Effect of Land Grant Universities on Agglomeration Levels (Adviser: Wayne Gray)

Ethan Giles: Welcome to the Big Leagues:  What do NBA Teams Look for in NBA Prospects? (Adviser: Sang Hoo Bae)

Turku Hasturk: The Impact of Education on Women’s Bargaining Power in Turkey (Adviser: Magda Tsaneva)

Mariami Iashagashvili: Impact of Skills on Employment and Wages (Adviser: Magda Tsaneva)

Trang Nguyen: Education and Job Mismatch in Vietnam’s Labor Market (Adviser: Magda Tsaneva)

Chinedum Nwaogwugwu: The Impact of Swings in Oil Prices on Economic Growth for Oil-Exporting Countries (Adviser: David Cuberes)

Matthew Sullivan: Party Lines to Investor Dimes:  Presidential Elections and Stock Markert Reactions (Adviser: Junfu Zhang)

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