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What We Do

Our Method

We are re-imagining an integrated behavioral health system for all adolescents and young adults. We will:

  • Provide all adolescents and young adults with high quality, evidence-based and culturally relevant behavioral health services.
  • Equip youth and families with accurate and comprehensive information on mental health, and the behavioral health services and resources available in their communities.
  • Support behavioral health practitioners by developing and delivering digital Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and behavioral health interventions that foster resiliency in youth.
  • Build capacity of educators and practitioners by offering online Certification Programs for state-of-the-art Social-Emotional Learning interventions.
  • Collaborate with others to maximize the reach and impact of our behavioral health care model (RelyOn) for adolescents and young adults.
  • Conduct cutting-edge research to advance new evidence and learning about meeting the behavioral health needs of adolescents and young adults, particular those of color.

Our Impact — The Next Five Years and Beyond

  • We will have increased global awareness, understanding and compassion for adolescents and young adults living with mental illness.
  • We will have created an integrated and responsive behavioral health system of care that promotes Social-Emotional Learning and fosters resiliency among adolescents and young adults, particularly among young men of color.
  • We will be recognized as the preferred provider of evidence-based behavioral health products and services that support the SEL and behavioral health needs of students, families, and educators.