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Robert Goble

Robert L. Goble


The George Perkins Marsh Institute
Clark University
Worcester, MA 01610-1477

Phone:  1-508-751-4612
Fax:  1-508-751-4600

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Current Research Interests

Information management in the search for sustainable development, with emphasis on global climate change; uncertainties in estimating health effects risks, especially for radiation; cooperation between scientists and non-scientists in risk assessment.

Selected Publications

Hattis, D., R. Goble, A. Russ, M. Chu and J. Ericson. 2004. Age-related differences in susceptibility to carcinogenesis: A quantitative analysis of empirical animal bioassay data. Environmental Health Perspectives 112 no. 11: 1152-1158.

Hattis, D., G. Ginsberg, B. Sonawane, S. Smolenski, A. Russ, M. Kozlak and R. Goble. 2003. Differences in pharmacokinetics between children and adults–II. Children’s variability in drug elimination half-lives and in some parameters needed for physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling. Risk Analysis 23 (February): 117-142.

Brugge, D. and R. Goble. 2002. The history of uranium mining and the Navajo Indians. American Journal of Public Health 92 no. 9: 1410-1419.

Goble, R. and D. Hattis. 2002. Assessment and management of highly uncertain risks. Invited paper presented at WHO conference in London, October 2001. Excerpted in World Health 2002.

Hattis, D., S. Baird and R. Goble. 2002. A straw man proposal for a quantitative definition of the RfD. Human Drug and Chemical Toxicology 25: 403-436.