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T’áá hwó ají t’éego and the end of the Navajo coal industry

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Andrew Curly In 2021 the Navajo Generating Station, a long standing symbol of coal energy in the southwest, was demolished. The power plant ended operations the previous year, which signaled the end of coal mining in Black Mesa. In this presentation, Curley will discuss the deeper meaning and contestations of coal within the Navajo Nation […]

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Documentary “What happened to the bees?”

What happened to the bees Documental Ambulante A.C., Mexico The documentary unmasks the privileges of transnational corporations and shows the effects of capitalism on the social and ecological structures of indigenous communities in Mexico. The struggle of Mayan communities reveals the contrasts between traditional methods, sustainable and respectful of the ecosystem, and the industrial work […]

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Expanding mining’s frontier to the deep seabed: What could possibly go wrong?

Zoom link HERE Presenter: Catherine Coumans Coumans has coordinated corporate accountability research and the Asia-Pacific program at MiningWatch Canada for 20 years. She has worked in solidarity with communities and Indigenous peoples affected by Canadian mining companies in more than ten Asia-Pacific countries and in Tanzania. She holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology and has published on […]

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Extractives@Clark Brown Bag Lunch: The Chilean Referendum

Jefferson 200

Professor Paul Posner will moderate a Q&A session with Beatriz Bustos Gallardo, professor at the Universidad de Chile, about the 2019 social revolt in Chile that led to the writing and referendum of a new constitution. The constitutional assembly included leaders from ecological movements, and an ecological lens was central to the whole document.

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