Campus Safety

Clark ALERTS Testing

Will Clark University be testing the Clark ALERTS system?
The University tests the system on a regular basis, at least once per semester. The campus community will be notified in advance of such tests.
How will I know the difference between a Clark ALERTS test message and a real urgent message?
If the message is a test of the system, it will be delivered with the subject line “TEST: Clark ALERTS.” Any message that does not include the word “test” is an urgent message.
I signed up for Clark ALERTS. Why didn't I receive the alert?
Here are some likely reasons:
  1. Your contact information is incorrect. Please log on to ClarkYOU and review/update your contact information. If your contact information is correct and you are still not receiving the test alerts, please contact or call 508-793-7385.
  2. Spam filters. Spam filters may block e-mail messages from being delivered; to prevent this, add and to your “safe senders” list.
  3. Network issues. You may want to check your mobile service provider to ensure there are no issues with their network. Network congestion also may delay delivery.
I received a message, but my voicemail or answering machine cut it off. Why?

The system will detect what type of response it is receiving when it places voice calls. In most cases, the system accurately detects an answering machine or voice mail system and the message plays correctly. In some instances, the system incorrectly detects a live person and starts to deliver the message prior to the start of the recording. The message will usually repeat in case the beginning of the message was missed.