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Programs and Services

Whether you are a full or part-time student, GSOM Career Services is the bridge from your degree program to your new career. We are business professionals who offer practical advice to help you successfully enter or transition into your chosen career. Our staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you because we have worked in major corporations and understand exactly what they are looking for in today's new graduates. We provide practical, real life advice and guidance to help you succeed. During your time here at Clark's GSOM, please make sure that you take full advantage of our services.

The Clark Recruiter - Job/Internship Postings

Clark University's recruiting website allows universities and employers to manage campus recruiting activity. Students can personally upload their resumes, cover letters, and update their personal profile, as well as apply to internship and full-time job opportunities. At the same time, employers are able to post openings and search through resumes that have been uploaded by our students.

This is the most important tool that you will use as a student during your job search activities. Students should become familiar with the system as soon as possible. Current students should have already received a username and password to access the system. If not, please contact

Login to The Clark Recruiter.

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Alumni Networking

Clark alumni can be very helpful in your career searches and GSOM Career Services offers various ways to network with them.

  1. Students can access alumni in a number of ways. Contact for details.
  2. We co-sponsor Alumni Networking events in Boston, Worcester, New York and other East Coast locations. Students with approved resumes are invited to participate in these networking events to make invaluable connections with alumni for advice on their careers.
  3. Alumni are frequently invited as speakers and participate in events hosted by Career Services.
  4. "Guidelines for Contacting Alumni" provides etiquette and communications tips to make your contact successful

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Career Assessment

If you are unsure of your career direction, GSOM Career Services can help you explore your career interests, skills, values and preferences through inventories and assessments as they relate to choosing your career. While no assessment can perfectly describe who you are or what your career should be, they are valuable in helping you narrow your search and consider options you may not have previously considered.

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Career Training Cohort

The Career Training Cohorts are highly interactive career courses with the following features:

  • Exposure to working professionals in important content areas
  • Hands on practice of the most critical job search techniques (including networking, interviewing, informational interviewing, and much more)
  • A planned and organized approach to conducting your job search so you can stay on track
  • Support from the other students in your cohort and a Career Advisor to help you successfully search for a job

To apply for these courses, please complete the Drop/Add form and see Deanna Scaramangos to register.

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Employer Outreach

Frequent outreach is necessary to maintain existing relationships and building new ones. Career Services is constantly seeking out and contacting new and previous employers to obtain career opportunities for our students. In addition to generating our own activities, we partner extensively with Clark University undergraduate Career Services, the Colleges of the Worcester Consortium and the Boston MBA Career Services Consortium to gain access to more employers and extend the reputation of the Clark GSOM degree. GSOM Career Services continually responds to the changing needs of our students and the economy and putting in the extra effort; whether we're creating new strategies for finding jobs in the recession or developing relationships with new groups of employers as our programs expand into new areas such as Social Change and the Dual Degrees. New internship and job postings are posted in The Clark Recruiter within 24 hours, where students can easily review and apply to them. We are committed to providing students maximum exposure to employers by arranging company visits and by inviting employers in all Career Services and Alumni events.

Individual Career Advising Appointments

Participating in individualized career advising sessions can help you make informed career decisions when it comes to choosing your concentration, setting your career goals or developing successful job search strategies. Students commonly schedule appointments for the following reasons:

  • identifying interest, characteristics, skills and values
  • exploring career fields
  • receiving resume and cover letter assistance
  • creating individual marketing and job search plans
  • researching employers and jobs
  • information about internship and employment opportunities
  • developing successful interview techniques

However, you can come see us for any career related reason, and we will be happy to assist you.

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Internship Assistance

The internship you choose should provide degree-related work experience within corporations, businesses, government or non-profit agencies. The internship will help you become more certain about your career choices, give you greater professional confidence, enhance your skills and abilities, and provide you with a better understanding of what it takes to find employment and to succeed on the job.

All full-time MBA and MSF students are required to complete an internship while enrolled at the Clark University Graduate School of Management. These internships may be conducted anywhere in the world, but must focus on each student's individual concentration and future career goals. Internships can be completed on a part-time basis during the spring or fall semester or full-time during summer and/or winter break. Internships should be a minimum of 140 hours up to a maximum of 1,000 hours.

We cultivate relationships with hundreds of organizations in a diverse range of industries. Nearly every GSOM student completes an internship. The possibilities are endless.

Recent students have:

  • Interned at the World Bank Treasury in Washington, D.C., as a financial analyst
  • Appraised real estate investments for Asia Power in Mumbai, India
  • Developed business plans and conducted market research for Bizminga in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Collaborated with executives at the National Credit Union Association in Alexandria, Virginia, to refine existing risk management models

Other recent internships sites include Shipyard Brewery in Portland, Maine, Sustainable Bolivia in Cochabamba, Bolivia, IBM Research in Kanagawa, Japan, and All State Insurance in San Diego, California.

Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

The resume is your primary marketing tool. It is how you present the unique traits, skills and experiences you bring to the marketplace. We have created resume templates for you to make the process of revising your resume easier. Before you contact Career Services, you need to work on your resume as if you are submitting it to an employer. Preparing an employer-ready resume requires you to put in a lot of work! Expect to go over your resume multiple times even after GSOM Career Services has corrected it for you.

You will find templates for completing resumes in the "Document Library" of The Clark Recruiter. After following those instructions, please upload your resume into the system for review. A. An approved resume makes you eligible to attend special events and opportunities provided by Career Services.

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Salary and Offer Negotiation

Getting the salary and benefits you want can be a tricky part of the job-hunting process. Career Services will take you through the major steps and decisions you will be faced with during your salary negotiation process. We can help you with basic salary negotiation methods to help you negotiate your best offer.

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Video-Taped Mock Interviews - Interview preparation

During a mock interview session, students are asked questions while being recorded by a PC-mounted digital camera. You see exactly how you would look and sound in a real interview and you can practice your responses. The second step is to analyze your videotaped mock interview with a career advisor. You will be able to see how you are perceived by potential employers and receive immediate feedback and tips. These services help you work out any interview problems you might have so that you can ace the interview when it counts.

International students: you'll decide whether to try to stay and work in the United States after graduation. We'll provide real-time information and guidance on the U.S job marketplace to help with this decision. We'll explain the personal attributes you'll need if you stay: individuality, initiative, and innovation. Many students will need to practice these concepts until they become natural and convincing. We provide many chances for you to practice for success and look forward to helping you.

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