HERO: Human-Environment Regional Observatory

Summer 2012 HERO Fellows: Undergraduate

HERO Summer is an NSF REU Site sponsored program.


Clark students

Joey Danko Joey Danko '13

Andrew Hostetler Andrew Hostetler '13

Shannon Palmer Shannon Palmer '13

Martha Ziemer Martha Ziemer '13

Non-Clark students

Andreas Jozwiak Andreas Jozwiak '13
 Trinity University (TX)

Emma McDonell Emma McDonell '13
 UC Santa Cruz


Abigail Nehring Abigail Nehring '13
 Bard College at Simon’s Rock (MA)

Sean Peters Sean Peters '13
 Mississippi State University

Michelle Seefeld Michelle Seefeld '14
 Univ. of Wisconsin-Platteville

Patrick Sheppard Patrick Sheppard '13
 Worcester Poly Tech

Gabriella Spizter Gabriella Spitzer '13
 Barnard College (NY)

Research areas and streams for 2012 HERO Summer

Beetle Impact Assessment Stream (BIA) This stream will produce validated measures of spatial and temoporal changes in tree cover composition in the Asian Longhorn Beetle (ALB) infestation area.  This stream will also evaluate impacts of ALB on the forest diversity and cover at present and in the future.

Place Making Assessment (PMA) This stream will assess management and policymaking responses to the community concerns in response to the ALB impacts, involving stakeholders throughout the analysis. This stream will also evaluate ALB impacts by socio-economic status, race/ethnicity and management/governance regime to explore how a more engaged stakeholder group would respond to the policy as a result of the ALB experience.