HERO: Human-Environment Regional Observatory


HERO Summer 2015 is a Clark University O'Connor Fund sponsorship.

Summer 2015

Back Row: (L to R): Isabel Miranda, Eli Goldman, Bao Chung Truong Nguyen
Front Row: (L to R): Ali Filipovic, Hannah Rosenblum, Yuka Fuchino

Research areas and streams HERO Summer

Beetle Impact Assessment Stream (BIA) This stream will produce validated measures of spatial and temoporal changes in tree cover composition in the Asian Longhorn Beetle (ALB) infestation area. This stream will also evaluate impacts of ALB on the forest diversity and cover at present and in the future.

Place Making Assessment (PMA) This stream will assess management and policymaking responses to the community concerns in response to the ALB impacts, involving stakeholders throughout the analysis. This stream will also evaluate ALB impacts by socio-economic status, race/ethnicity and management/governance regime to explore how a more engaged stakeholder group would respond to the policy as a result of the ALB experience.

Research Interests of  HERO Summer 2015 Fellows

Isabel Miranda
B.A. Geography (Concentrating in Geographic Information Science) and Studio Art (Graphic Design), Clark University Expected 2016
M.S. in GIS, Clark University Expected 2017
Previous and Current Research: HERO Summer 2015 team member assessing and surveying the health of trees that were part of the tree replanting program in Worcester post-ALB infestation. Conducted interviews with residents to receive their input in the tree replanting program. Past research on the Bolivian artist Mamani Mamani and how he conveyed the Aymara culture through his art. Interviewed the artist, analysis of his art use of elements and principles, investigated Aymara culture in current and historical context.
Future Research: HERO honors project that looks into the factors that affect short-term tree mortality of residential trees in central Massachusetts by combining the qualitative and quantitative data that was collected this summer. Using interview and tree survey data to assess the condition of the trees sampled and further investigating some of the hypotheses that were made on shade vs. ornamental trees and native vs. non-native species affecting tree health.
Advisors: Deb Martin and John Rogan

Eli Goldman
B.A. Global Environmental Studies, Clark University Expected Spring 2016
M.A. Community Development and Planning, Clark University Expected Spring 2017
Research Interests: Exploring links between the built environment and the effectiveness of green infrastructure in urban areas to better understand urban tree survivorship
Advisor: Dianne Rocheleau

Chung Truong Nguyen
B.A. Geography and Music, Clark University Expected 2016
Research Interests: Urban Forestry, Application of GIS and Remote Sensing to Forest Conservation and Agriculture Management
Current Research: Member of HERO 2015 assessing the tree replanting program in Worcester, MA from 2010 – 2015, as well as on assessing residents’ experiences of the process.
Honor project related to HERO: Developing a tree planting scheme that could maximize the benefits of urban forest in each town of Worcester County.
Advisors: Gil Pontius and John Rogan

Ali Filipovic
B.A. Geography, Clark University Expected 2017
Research Interests: Integrating GIS, remote sensing, and natural sciences to asses major changes in the earth system.
HERO Research Project: Modeling the hydrological ecosystem services of the newly planted cohort of trees in Worcester, MA.
Adviser: John Rogan

Hannah Rosenblum
B.A. Geography and Cultural Studies and Communication, Clark University Expected 2016
M.S. in GIS, Clark University Expected 2017
Awards: Studied abroad in Amman, Jordan (Spring 2015); President's Scholarship
Research Interests: Application of GIS and remote sensing to issues of urban ecology
HERO Research Project: Characterizing the biophysical properties of young trees within the urban forest using in situ and remotely sensed data
LEEP Project: Greening Transportation at Clark University - inventorying and assessing Clark University’s transportation landscape in order to minimize the university's carbon emissions (Supervisor: Jenny Isler, Sustainable Clark)
Advisers: John Rogan and Sarah Michaels

Yuka Fuchino
B.A. Geography, Clark University Expected 2016
Past research: Slope effects on above ground carbon on pastures in Costa Rica
Current Research and Honors Project: Conceptualizing whether tree loss affects tree care. Does loss of nature affect residents of Worcester to take better care of their trees and become environmentally aware?
Advisors: Deborah Martin and Mark Davidson