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Careers and Internships

In Laboratory Scientist Wearing Virtual Reality headset

What can you do with a degree in Interactive Media/Game Design & Development?

The video game industry represents over $160 billion in worldwide sales, and is expected to grow, surpassing previous projections. This rapid growth has created a high demand for interactive media experts working on websites, games, cell phone applications, and more. Modern video games have transitioned beyond entertainment into a wide array of other intersecting industries and organizations, including health care, education, nonprofits, and government.

Employers and Internships

The following is a sampling of the really cool places where our alumni have gone on to work and our students have interned.

Stanley Pierre

Gaming: Who Knew?

Clark alumnus Stanley Pierre-Louis ’92, CEO and president of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), can point to surprising facts about video gaming, which has evolved over the decades from dorm-room Pong tournaments to a global phenomenon. Read the ESA’s  2020 Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry to learn who plays video games — and why they play.

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