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Frequently Asked Questions

While your course registration triggers charges on your account immediately, it can take one business day for your remission to update on your account. We recommend checking your account the next business day to see if the remission has posted. If you notice a day or two has gone by and the remission has not posted or if it looks incorrect, we recommend you reach out to Graduate Admissions and ask them to review your remission.

Depending on your program, you may also have one or more one-time fees in addition to the $1,250 program fee. These fees are posted online and are part of the overall cost of your advanced degree program. Apart from your activity fee(s), these will be charged to your account for this semester only.

In the future, you will only have to pay for health insurance in the fall semester and your student activity fee(s) in the fall and spring. Your health insurance can be waived during the fall billing season if you are a domestic student and have comparable insurance. Unfortunately, activity fees cannot be waived.

Yes. It can take up to a business day for your remission to update to reflect the changes in your registration. We recommend you check again in a few hours to see if it has changed. If it does not change, we recommend reaching out to Graduate Admissions.

Much like when you were an undergrad, the Graduate Student Council runs events for students over the course of the academic year. The fee amount is set by the individual student councils and covers events like networking, entertainment, and research and travel grants for graduate students.

Each graduate school establishes its own fees for administration of the fifth-year program. Some programs also have additional costs associated with them like technology fees. If you have specific questions about what these fees go toward or why they are assessed to you, we recommend you reach out to your graduate school.

Yes. At the beginning of every month, we release statements of activity for the prior month. As your charges for summer courses cannot appear on your account until June 1, 2023, you will see all these charges and your payment on your June statement.

Not exactly. Unlike undergrad, when you were charged regardless of registration, your course registration will now trigger charges on your account. If you do not register, you will not get a bill. When you register, you will see the charges post to your student account immediately and you will periodically get a statement that says what you owe during our billing season. Please keep in mind that while you have tuition remission, your activity fee(s) will be owed in the fall and spring, and health insurance will be owed in the fall.