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Advice for Students

When it comes to considering prestigious fellowships and scholarships, THINK BIG! Also, rely on the resources Clark provides to refine your goals. Your faculty and staff mentors will help you articulate your experiences and aspirations, and they will happily write letters of recommendation in your support. For competitive awards, you will need to ask for several letters of recommendation that will clarify who you are as a student and lend support for your pursuit of a course of study or other opportunity.

How to ask for a letter of recommendation in four simple steps:

  1. Politely and enthusiastically request to meet with your intended recommender.
  2. At this meeting be prepared to provide:
    • Background information on the award for which you are applying.
    • An updated résumé tailored to the award/opportunity for which you are applying.
    • Additional materials like your personal statement or proposal, even if they are not in polished form.
  3. Give your recommender at least one month’s notice to start your letter.
  4. Provide your recommender with clear instructions regarding the deadline and submission procedures.

Our office can guide you further in polishing your application materials from résumés and personal statements, to project proposals.

Note to Faculty

The LEEP Center and the Director of Prestigious Fellowships and Scholarships honor the work you do to prepare students intellectually, and we want to collaborate with you to support our gifted and motivated students. Faculty play a crucial role by writing letters of recommendation, and by advising students on how to locate and prepare for opportunities.

We appreciate your referrals to our office and seek to partner with you to advise students, develop project and application materials, and navigate personal and professional development. We provide guidance and information to help make the application process a positive experience for you and your students.

Writing Letter of Recommendation:

Fellowships Frequently Asked Questions

These are funded opportunities or awards that support study, travel, research, or a project. Often the terms fellowship, scholarship, and grant are used interchangeably. A funded opportunity can range from a two-week summer venture to a two-year study program.

You could be awarded money to make your dreams a reality. Along the way, you will gain experience and personal and professional development to learn about yourself and become empowered to affect change in your life and in the lives of others.

Yes! Many awards fund similar opportunities, so it may make sense for you to apply for more than one award. It will not hurt your chances of winning, but it will mean a greater investment of your time.

No time like the present! If you’re talking about the process of finding the right award for you, then visit our office as soon as possible. If you’re talking about applying for a specific, competitive award, like a Fulbright, you should start the process at least 3 months in advance of the deadline.

They differ, so pay attention to the particular requirements for each fellowship to which you are applying. However, many have similar demands: a personal statement, a proposal, letters of recommendation (3 minimum), and your transcript. Some fellowship require interviews as well.

In addition to eligibility requirements and application requirements, some organizations also want to know that Clark University thinks you are prepared and eligible for a competitive award. Clark’s endorsement establishes the seriousness and merit of your application.

Even if you do not win, you will gain valuable personal and professional development through the process. You will clarify your aspirations, reflect on your accomplishments, and learn to tell your story in a compelling manner. All this will empower you as go into the world and find your unique way of contributing.

For many awards, absolutely. Alumni are welcome to work with our office.

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