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Fellow Profiles

fellowship recipients

Recent Fellowship and Scholarship Winners

Clark students earn prestigious fellowships

Awards fund research on food policy, biomedicine, nuclear physics

Clark students receive Fulbright and other...

Awards will support postgraduate, study abroad work

Clark students receive Fulbright fellowships

Prestigious awards to fund postgraduate work

Students receive Fulbright awards

Funding aimed at teaching, research and study abroad

Fellowship Awardees


  • Hana Green
  • Steven Schubert, Fellowship Alternate
  • Alexandre Nazaire, Scholarship Alternate
  • Alexandre Nazaire
  • Emily Patterson
  • Heather Danielle Rose
  • Mitchell Williams
  • Katherine Gross
  • Inonge Kaloustian
  • Will Sanders


  • Max De Faria
  • Casey Bush, English Teaching Assistantship in Czech Republic
  • Aran Valente, Fulbright Research Award Alternate
  • Rachel Corcoran-Adams, Individual-Based Process Model of Forest Regeneration
  • Ravi Hanumantha, Exploring the Climate-Change Resilience of Water Supply & Wastewater Sanitation in the Mexico City Region
  • Sarah Lerman-Sinkoff, Exploring the Use of a Low-Cost Photopaper Tool for Citizen Science Detection of Urban Gas Leaks
  • Kyle Pecsok, Characterizing Change in Initial Post-Fire Regeneration in the Rocky Mountains
  • Max De Faria
  • Rafael Levin
  • Liana Shpani
  • Ana Margarita “Geri” De Ramos
  • Priyanka Naithani


  • Simone McGuinness
  • Mukadder Okuyan
  • Maha Akbar, Consent Across Borders (India)
  • Rohan Roger, Consent Across Borders (India)
  • Valerie Diaz, Binational Internship Program
  • Elizabeth Marszalek, English Teaching Assistantship
  • Benjamin Fash, Networked Community Economies as Alternatives to Extractivism in Honduras
  • Jaclyn Guz, Feedbacks Among Climatically-driven Disturbance Regimes in the Swiss Alps
  • Sarah SanGiovanni, Experimenting with Urban Sustainability Governance
  • Mara van den Bold, Greening Energy: The Politics of Solar Power in Senegal
  • Su Ye, Characterizing Bark Beetle Early Attack Using Multi-Sensor Time Series in the Pine-Spruce Forest of             Northern Colorado, USA
  • Kaitlyn Anderson
  • Tifanni Ortiz
  • Claire Sullivan
  • Tatyana Wynter-Powell
  • Morufat Ayoola Bellos
  • Zoe Brammer
  • Valerie Chavez
  • Yasmeen El-Gerbi
  • Mariela Alicia Esteva
  • Priyanka K. Naithani
  • Julie Reed
  • Shelby Spohn
  • Lillian Favreau
  • Benjamin Gessel
  • Jamie Smith
  • Alexander Azar
  • Alexis Marston


  • Anika Kreckel
  • Claire Sullivan
  • Janae Davis, Strategies for Improving Labor Opportunities Through Social Equity in ICDPs
  • Benjamin Fash, Networked Community Economies as Alternatives to Extractivism in Honduras
  • Hasnaa Mokhtar, Beyond Victims and Villains: Antiviolence Activism and Social Movements in Kuwait
  • Madeline Philips, Germany
  • Nikolas Wagner, Teaching Assistantship in Austria
  • Bezawit Ayalew, Tiffany Kayo, and Christina Zymaris, Reducing Food Wastage at Clark University via Food Sharing Application
  • Roopa Krithivasan, Farmer-Wildlife Conflict as Consequences and Drivers of Land System Change in the    Indian Himalayas
  • Mario Machado, The Revolution within the Revolution: Understanding the Landscape and Livelihood       Dynamics of the Cuban Agroecological Transition
  • Kayleigh McHugh and Olivia Barksdale, Recruitment Failure, Habitat Suitability, or Host Limitation
  • Paige Myatt, Studying the Social and Environmental Impacts of Electric Pedicabs in Worcester, MA
  • Helen Rosko, Climate Information Services for Development and Livelihoods: Investigating Adaptation     Subjects in Mali
  • Dan Santos, Genome Engineering and Human-Environment Interactions: Implications for Sustainability?
  • Laura Sauls, Constructing Territory: Regional Coalitions, International Environmental Governance, and     the Quest for Development Alternatives in Mesoamerica
  • Katy Deng
  • Harris Eidelman
  • Tracy Graham
  • Crisbelly Medina Adams
  • Brandon Mooney
  • Clementine Mukarukundo
  • Armely Pichardo
  • Mary Ellise Shiffer
  • Daniel Walsh
  • Miranda Hotham
  • David Sullivan
  • Sara Conroy
  • Tanzeem Lodi
  • Jose Castillo Montenegro
  • Maia Nikoladze
  • Maha Akbar
  • Juliet Michaelsen
  • Joshua Merchat
  • Emily Dart


  • Thomas Hutto
  • Phong Nguyan, Love of Knowledge Vietnam Expansion Project
  • Trang Nguyan, Love of Knowledge Vietnam Expansion Project
  • William Collier, Local Governance, Global Forest Conservation and Capital in Kenya’s Mau Forests Complex
  • Aviv Hilbig-Bokaer, English Teaching Assistantship in Vienna
  • Samantha Lakin, Teaching Assistantship
  • David Lukens, Emerging Forms of Urban Renewal: Private Actors and Social Impacts
  • Maia Moore, English Teaching Assistantship in Argentina
  • Madeline Phillips, English Teaching Assistantship
  • Yifan Cai, Variegated Green Capitalism and the Decentralized Developmental State
  • Janae Davis, Toward a Framework for Decolonizing Integrated Conservation and Development Projects at             Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
  • Carlos Dobler-Morales, Drought in the New Rurality: Transformation of the Rural Landscape of the          Yucatán and its Implications under a Changing Climate
  • Alex Moulton, Managing Resources in Jamaica’s Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park
  • Halley Glier
  • Joya Hall Sulivan
  • Liana Shpani
  • Tong Jiao
  • Catherine Jampel
  • Renee Tap
  • Kaner Atakan Turker
  • David Lukens
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