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Student Health Advisory Committee

What is the Student Health Advisory Committee?

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is a group of students interested in health-related concerns on Clark’s campus. Membership is open to all interested undergraduate and graduate students at the University. The committee is instrumental in providing Health Services with information on how to better serve the health needs of students. Meetings are held monthly during the academic year.

SHAC Goals

  • Promote services available from Clark University Health Services by actively participating in the publicity and marketing to all students at Clark
  • Recommend/implement changes in services
  • Advocate for the health needs of students
  • Act as a liaison between Health Services and the student population
Contact Information

Health Services

Office Location
Office Hours
  • Health Services is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Health Services is closed when the University is closed.

  • Directions:
    Health Services can be reached either from Park Avenue or Birch Street. To get to Birch, take Maywood Street (heading toward Park Avenue) and then turn right onto Birch Street. Follow the signs to the Health Services building.