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Hazardous Waste

Characteristics of Hazardous Waste

Chemical waste is considered Hazardous Waste if it is either listed as such, or if it exhibits one or more of the following hazardous characteristics: Ignitable, Corrosive, Reactive or Toxic.

oil in milk jugs

Ignitable Waste

Any waste with a flash point is less than 140°F.

Corrosive Waste

Corrosive Waste

Any waste with a pH lower than 2.0 or greater than 12.5.

Reactive Waste

Reactive Waste

Waste that is unstable, shock-sensitive, or generates cyanide or sulfide gases.

toxc waste

Toxic Waste

Waste that equals or exceeds a designated concentration of certain toxic compounds.

Each laboratory is responsible for staying informed of, and complying with Hazardous Waste regulations, and for following the University procedures regarding waste collection, segregation, and labeling. The chemical safety officer will provide all materials necessary for the proper management of waste, from personal protective equipment (PPE) to labels and waste containers. All items are available at the chemical stockroom (Room S-310) upon request. If you need postings or forms, please download them from this site.

Request for Chemical Waste Removal

To make a request for chemical waste removal, or to find out more information about waste management and waste disposal guidelines, please contact Frank Abell at, or call extension 7280 or 1-508-793-7280.

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